Biden Is Screwing America!

“The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

The economy, despite glowing lies from the usurper administration, is in trouble.

Retail prices are increasing at a rate not seen for years, oil prices are spiraling upwards, ( $73 a barrel today ), retail goods are not selling as money gets tighter amid worries about the countries financial status and national security. Cars are not selling as fast and the average age of a families car is now almost 12. Inflation is increasing and I fully expect to see hyper inflation in the near future. Interest rates are increasing raising mortgage rates and I believe a massive crash is coming to the commercial property market as the availability of vacant property far outweighs the demand. The dollar is weakening and is under attack from stronger currencies like Russia’s oil rich economy and Chinas.

We look weak to the world. Heck. We are pitiful. They are all gathering at the trough to gobble up all they can steal or take from this insanity that is America today. We are a laughing stock despite false claims by foreign and national media and so called polls to the contrary. They laugh at Biden’s inadequacies behind his back, at his mental frailties and his idiocy. They understand he is pliable. Able to be manipulated. They mock him and by that, us as well. Why not? They are all benefitting hugely from it. It is human nature to take advantage of the weak and we are weak.

This Administration is ignoring all these signs and many others. Their allies, the MSM, are as always doing the country a great disservice by hiding the real facts and figures as they endeavor to make Uncle Joe seem like a superhero! They paint a picture that everything he touches turns to gold.

America. It doesn’t. In fact it is a complete opposite to that.

This is the climate that the Federal Reserve is meeting in. Their new policy statement will be released this afternoon. The countries economists will be looking for certain signs, like the Fed cutting back the bond buying program that begun back in March of 2020. Economists will be looking for other signs like when the Fed will start cutting back on the monetary support.

The Fed had pledged to support the economy until it was back to full employment. ( Remember those great days under our real President, Donald Trump? )

They may have to renege on that ideal. It is believed they will tighten the money supply.

The Labor Department just announced the CPI had risen year over year in May a massive 5%! This was the fastest jump year over year since 2008. The beginning of the Obama years. Excluding food and energy data ( why do they do that when those are two products we cannot avoid buying? ) core inflation rise a declared 3.8% from a year earlier, again the quickest since June 1992. The start of the Clinton era! ( Beginning to see a picture here? Clinton. Obama. Biden. All Democrats. )

We have seen massive unemployment through the Covid era but the unemployment benefits have not all reached Americans or the American businesses. Did you know that about 70% of over $400B of unemployment money, was stolen by crime syndicates in China, Russia and Nigeria? The other 30% of that $400B was stolen by American criminal enterprises. That is about half of it! Stolen. Defrauded. Democrats love big government!!

I wonder if Sniffer Joe will bring this crime up to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin when they meet? ROTFLMAO! I already know the answer to that. NO!! What about the MSM? Are they going to demand an investigation? Again I know the answer to be the same resounding NO!!

The Fed cannot ignore the fact that we have 8,000,000 less citizens employed than before Covid. Or that every financial indicator is bad.

We are in for a rocky ride America.

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