“Biden’s” Crushing Weakness: China Flew 28 Military Aircraft Into Taiwan’s Airspace

Gird your loins. The catastrophic consequences of the Democrat-CCP election theft will bow up the world.

China Flies 28 Military Aircraft Over Taiwan Airspace

From the story: China flew 28 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defence buffer zone on Tuesday, in its largest such incursion ever, according to Taipei officials, as Beijing continued to express anger over warnings from western countries and their allies about its military pressure on the island (Financial Times).  From the Wall Street Journal: President Biden is telling the world in Europe this week that “America is back” as the leader of global democracies. Sounds good. But China, Iran and Vladimir Putin would be more impressed if Mr. Biden wasn’t cutting America’s defense even as he rightly stresses the challenge from the world’s authoritarians (WSJ).

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