Mitch McConnell Ready To Preserve The Swamp!

Mitch McConnell was just interviewed on the radio by show host Hugh Hewitt on whose show McConnell stated that a group close to him and his control, known as the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), are prepared to step in and intervene in any race that they, (read he), considers the candidate is unelectable. They would involve themselves and their millions of dollars and fight against those candidates in the primaries.

He stated for a candidate to be electable, as a Republican, they have to be able to appeal to all segments of the voters!


OK – anyone see a problem here?

I sure as heck do.

I see a scenario where a true conservative candidate, a God fearing man or woman, a real patriot, a Trump supporter, a 2nd Amendment protector, a strong law enforcement supporter, a believer in a strong military, in closed borders, ‘Put America First’ type of candidate would have the millions of dollars at this groups disposal used against them to ensure that a mainstream establishment ( read swamp ) candidate won the primary.

You know, a career type, middle of the road, swamp born and bred type candidate who will tow the centrist line and agenda. One who is interested in compromising with Socialists from the New Socialist Democrat Party. One looking for middle ground. A believer in a One World nation One who is looking for power and wealth. One who will do as they are told.

In other words more of what got us here in the first place.

I gotta say to Swampy Mitch – You are a traitor and a power hungry enemy of the people. ( Don’t cry Mitch!) You and yours do not represent me!

Let’s get one thing straight here Mitch McConnell. The majority of Republican supporters and voters, at least 75,000,000 strong, see President Donald J Trump as true leader of the GOP.

Not you Mitchy or the other slime balls screwing up our Constitutional Republic and attacking we, the people.

If President Donald J Trump does not endorse them they will be unelectable. We will not vote for any more career type, wishy washy politicians who are RINOs.


How can I say that the above scenarios will be the scenario of the SLF? It is an easy leap of faith for me. So far to date they have only endorsed one Republican politician. A really bad one!!

Guess who?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

That would be the B*+ch that voted to convict President Trump in his second impeachment attempt by the domestic enemies of the state. The one who has done nothing but act like a Democrat complaining and lying about Trump.

Mitch McConnell and the SLF will likely use the lure of cash to his chosen prospective candidate choices.

One thing here you may not have thought of Mitchy Boy! PACs attached and supportive of President Trump, are busy raising huge amounts of money for candidates endorsed by President Trump.

Not your choices Mitch, Trumps choices!

Mitch McConnell sees the GOP as a party filled with John McCaines, Mitt Romney’s and Lisa Murkowskis!!

We the voters, as I said 75,000,000+ strong, do not.

We all understand the importance of winning back the House and the Senate in 2022. It is imperative and our last chance to save our beloved Constitutional Republic from total annihilation by the rabid socialist dogs nipping at the heels of our freedoms, liberties, rights and the very constitution that we consider sacrosanct and the ultimate law of the land.

We have 20 seats to defend. The socialist traitors of the Democrats only 14. Three of the seats we must flip are Ga, Az and NH.

I will end here with the words of the communications director for the SLF, Jack Pandol. “As has long been SLF’s policy, we reserve the right to intervene in cases where a candidate is a clear threat to lose a seat in a general election and to protect our Republican incumbents.” NOTE THE WORDS OUR REPUBLICAN INCUMBENTS.

They sure as hell do not want that profitable swamp drained. Do they?

Our job is to ensure it is – starting with Lisa Murkowski.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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