Biden Gives Green Light to Terror

The Sniffer Joe administration seems to have given a green light for terror to the Palestinian Authority, with the payments of hundreds of millions of American tax dollars to them with – wait for it – no pre-conditions. Yep! None. Nada. As Biden would say, “Come on man. Just give those pesky Terrorists the money man! They deserve it!!”

The PA ( Palestinian Authority ) has cracked down since Biden’s Secretary of State visited the sh*t hole city of Ramallah in late May. This is the de facto capital of the Palestinians. They have cracked down on social media users, political activists, rivals to their evil and greedy agenda and anyone they just do not like! Dozens of Palestinians have been arrested and sent to the PA-controlled Jericho Prison where torture is routine. Their speciality is suspending people from the ceilings by their arms, beatings, electric shock and verbal abuse.

President Mahmoud Abbas, the political leader of the Palestinians, has apparently been emboldened by Biden’s actions knowing that the money he needs to stay in power and to buy weapons from Syria, Russia and Iran to use against Israel is coming to him whatever. No ties at all. He doesn’t have to tell us he will stop his terrible human rights violations or his assaults on his people’s freedoms. Kinda like a reward for his evil behavior.

Biden’s message, which is a 180 degree reversal of the Trump policy, is basically saying that we as a nation now support Arab dictators that suppress and imprison political opponents. It also ensures no new young leadership with more moderate ideals can come to power.

Great job Joe!

Mind you there is a similarity between the PA Palestinian Authority) and the NSDP (New Socialist Democrat Party) in as much as both want to have opposition politicians and citizens arrested and jailed. We have seen this in the endless attacks on President Donald Trump and on conservatives, especially after January 6th.

Another great positive message Biden is sending is that he supports the fact that there has not been free and fair elections for decades to change the leadership of Palestine. Oh Oh. Another similarity between the PA and the NSDP! Neither want free elections that may remove their power and money.

We are becoming much more like a mirror image of Palestine than we ever imagined. Unfair elections. Destruction of opponents rights and freedoms.

The group ‘Lawyers for Justice’ which is a Palestinian Human Rights watch dog organization, has issued reports on major human rights violations committed by the PA under orders from President Mahmoud Abbas. There is also proof that kids as young as 16 have been arrested and tortured for making Facebook comments about the PA.

Over the past few weeks, the PA have routinely arrested dozens of Palestinians who served as volunteers with the Dahlan-affiliated Al-Mustaqbal (“The Future”) group that was planning on participating in the Palestinian parliamentary election due May 22nd. Abbas cancelled these elections.

Most of this group ‘The Future’ were actually arrested while our Secretary of State was visiting and handing out our dollars to these terrorists and dictator. The PA didn’t care. They didn’t even try to hide it. They took advantage of the press being engaged in that visit and rounded up who they considered dissidents. (Read opposition here.)

These actions by Abbas is heading the population into the arms of Hamas who is now considered better than Abbas and his Fatah faction.

We should all be alarmed that Biden and his Middle East policy are driving these people towards a major terror group through aiding and abetting Abbas.

Their shift of allegiance to Hamas bodes ill for peace in the region and more of less guarantees that attacks from Israel in retaliation to Hamas attacks on Israel, will continue with more destruction and hardship and civilian death.

Biden and his policies are pretty much ensuring that peace in the region remains out of sight and touch.

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