Defeating Big Brother today!

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton

We all know that every digit we press on our smart phone, every letter we hit, every person we call, every word we or they speak is recorded, stored, listened to and could well be used against us one day by a tyrannical government, kinda like the one we have now. Believe me, this current usurper administration would not think twice to use anything they have to silence conservative voices.

I don’t know about you all but I do not like it. I want my conversations private. I want my web surfing private. I want my apps clean and not spied upon.

So how do we do it? A friend of mine and huge, proven patriot, Cliff G, owner of a Trump based coffee shop I will be featuring next week, is involved in a company called GOOST. They produce and sell what is known to you and I as a Ghost Phone, one that guarantees privacy, security complete with pre installed apps that are not and cannot be tracked. This is a phone every bit as good as any other smart phone on the market. It has good sized storage which can be expanded.

This will regain your God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy and help you live free. Free of Big Brother watching over you, listening to you, tracking your every thought and word, let alone your constant position. It will give you peace of mind.

After all, as they say so well, “ If our speech, movement, affiliations, and interests are spied on – then there will be an opportunity to coerse, threaten, and punish people of differing beliefs and viewpoints.”

You can talk and text with friends using their app called ‘conversations’. It is completely private and fully encrypted. GOOST themselves don’t even know who you are!!

The phone uses its own operating system designed for privacy. Only you choose what, if any, data you share. It will never be shared by GOOST. You can navigate the world wide Webb without fear of being tracked. You are anonymous to all. Even GOOST only sees gibberish on their network as every digit or letter is encrypted via their military grade encryption program.

Every phone is supplied with this military grade encryption and security. Only GOOST users can access the network. As long as you keep your phone connected to GOOST VPN, which comes standard out-of-the-box, you are sitting behind a network infrastructure that protects against known cyber attackers. Even your own personal files are encrypted.

Every phone comes with the following preinstalled apps:- Calculator, navigation, camera, SMS/normal calling, maps and an App Store where you will find 90+% of the apps you like. These apps have been adjusted for security and they have a different look so they cannot do what they do now, which is track and share your info and data to all and sundry.

You have a private web browser that gives you free speech alternatives to FB, Twitter etc. Sites such as Locals, Gab, Odysee and Newpipe ( alternatives to You Tube ) Private e-mail comes to you through Protonmail.

If you are interested check out the link below and you can contact them direct with questions and queries. By the way the price is under most smart phones on the market today. It’s a win win!

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