VP Harris Met By Protesters in El Paso: ‘Kamala, You Came A Little Too Late’

For several weeks, Vice President Harris has avoided, dismissed, mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed Americans who are rightfully concerned about the disaster at our Southern border. The only reason VP Harris finally visited the border today, is because of the upcoming visit to the border by President Trump. Furthermore, El Paso is not one of the harder-hit areas. Harris should have visited McAllen and sites along the Rio Grande Valley.

VP Harris met by protesters in El Paso: ‘Kamala, you came a little too late’

Vice president has come under fire for waiting so long to visit border

By Fox News, June 25, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris was met by protesters in El Paso, Texas, upon arriving for her first trip to the southern border since President Biden tapped her to address the “root causes” of the ongoing crisis.

Upon her arrival, however, the vice president was not met with open arms.

Instead, the vice president was met with protesters waving flags and holding signs supporting former President Trump as well as blasting “Que Mala” — a Spanish phrase meaning “how mean” — for making a “wrong turn” and informing the vice president that El Paso “isn’t Europe.”

Other signs asked Harris how many “little girls need to be raped” before the administration declares the border crisis a “crisis” and if the vice president could “hear their screams.” Another sign said the “spirit of America starts at the border.”

“Kamala, you came a little too late. We have had this crisis for years,” Republican congressional candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson said in an El American video report. “We need solutions, we don’t need you parading around the border patrol station or acting like you care.”

“Americans matter, America matters,” she added.

Harris has come under fire for waiting 93 days after being tapped to handle the “root causes” of the border surge to visit the border.

One border agent who spoke on condition of anonymity said he was “not surprised” that it took Harris so long. “I’m not surprised. She doesn’t think this is a problem,” the agent said.

A senior border official who spoke on condition of anonymity was critical of Harris for visiting El Paso instead of harder-hit areas.

“If Vice President Harris truly wanted to assess the situation at the border, she’d head to McAllen and sites along the Rio Grande Valley,” that official said. “It will be worth seeing if this trip extends beyond a rubber stamp of ‘I visited the border.’”

The vice president’s office declined to comment on the protesters in El Paso.

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