The Arizona Election Forensic Evaluation

From the day of the Joint Legislative Public Hearing addressing Alleged Fraud and Conspiracy in the National 2020 Elections, there has been virtually non-stop hysterics, lies and deceits, collusion with holding evidence and information by public officials, there has been deliberate and pernicious disinformation to derail the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic evaluation.

I have been privileged to see much of this from behind the curtain given my position coordinating all aspects of the Joint Legislative Public Hearing on November 30th, 2020. My role actually began on November 10th, and for the past seven months, I have been afforded the privilege to consult on various aspects. My conversations with key individuals directly associated with, and acknowledged subject-matter specialists, on my program ARIZONA TODAY has brought forward into public view answers and insights so WE THE PEOPLE would have a better understanding as to the complexity and various dimensions associated with this historical, and never-before-accomplished in our nation, forensic election evaluation.

While the Arizona Legislature is racing toward “Sine Die” (Without a day, no further meeting or hearing; a final adjournment) the fact remains fully and completely intact that under the U.S. Constitution the State Senate of each state in the Union, has the authority to investigate, subpoena and take all reasonable steps to ensure a proper and just election was held, and in the event of serious and probable cause question and evidence, it is the State Senate’s full and complete responsibility maintaining full and complete authority, to investigate, subpoena to obtain any and all materials, machines, papers and documents, and all items directly involved with the election and counting of votes. Said authority and powers are not limited or restricted to only when the State Senate is in formal session, but rests within that legislative body, period!

The forensic evaluation continues in Maricopa County, Arizona as I write this response. Ballots have, and continue to undergo, rechecking for accuracy of findings. The voting machines were evaluated weeks ago and returned to their storage, while the data collected has been secured in another location undergoing forensic cyber evaluations. The work at the Coliseum is on-time, and scheduled to be concluded by June 30th, and shall not be stopped or interrupted if the Arizona Legislature moves to “Sine Die.” Within a couple of weeks post conclusion of the forensic evaluation some findings will be released, but the full and complete findings of fact will only be submitted formally to the President of the Arizona State Senate along with the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Said formal report may take up to six weeks to be submitted. Those formal findings of fact shall then be released publicly by the President of the State Senate to the People of Arizona, and of course, nationally.

Horrendous attacks have been launched to destroy the integrity of this historic forensic evaluation. Serious but baseless charges have been lobbed to create confusion and lay the groundwork to ridicule the findings and throw into question the veracity of the entire audit. But those directly and intimately involved with this forensic election evaluation have kept their focus on their assignment, have not been taken off task, and when clobbered and sent against the ropes came back with as much, if not more, determination to “get it right no matter what the conclusions.” Very long hours and days, very harsh intimidations, tremendous spiritual warfare the likes not even understandable to secular entities have occurred throughout this historic event. Now eighteen (18) states have sent formal representatives to Maricopa County, Arizona to be briefed on the process. Three (3) states are beginning the process of their own to follow the lead of Arizona. Five (5) additional states are in various stages of further looking into whether or not they will follow Arizona.

Another state is in the process of changing from voting machines to anti-counterfeit ballots for “in-person voting” as described on ARIZONA TODAY 6-19-21, broadcast.

Arizona Senate to Adjourn BEFORE Arizona Audit Results Released – Not Scheduled to Reconvene Until 2022

If the AZ Senate does not delay sine die (the end of session), new election laws will not be created until they meet again next January. If it is found that fraud occurred in Maricopa County, the legislature will not be able to consider withdrawing electors.

AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend tweeted about this after Christina Bobb with OAN reported that “the Arizona Legislature will need to carefully consider withdrawing their electors”

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