Covid Ensured Massive Wealth Transfer

For a period of well over a year, our government, Republican and Democrat, used Covid as a way to create the largest ever wealth transfer from average Americans to those that were already extremely wealthy. The destruction of the Middle Class.

I am not sure Americans actually even will come to terms with what I just wrote. I mean I am incensed but I do not hear too many of my fellow Americans saying a thing. They are not in the streets. They don’t even appear to be too upset???? I am sure some people recognize this fact but just seem accepting of it. When I immigrated to the USA in October, 1994, if you had asked me if Americans would have just folded over, bent over and taken a rough insertion by these enemies of the people, I would have said NO. HECK NO. NOT AMERICA!!

I read an English blogger the other day called Algora. She wrote the following after a massive London protest against the tyrannical Covid regulations and the One World Order. Reading the below sadly appears true about America today.

She wrote: 

“And where are similar protests in the USA? Oh, that’s right. You have to go to a public school board meeting to see parents up in arms about COVID measures because they want to keep using the Nanny State’s school system to babysit their children so they don’t have to. And if we do see protests, they will probably be much smaller than this one in London today, with BLMers on one side and Trump supporters on the other, and they won’t be protesting against the Globalists, but fighting each other instead. If the masses do rise up together to overthrow tyranny, I’d bet on the UK over the US any day. It looks like they are fairly unified in taking down Boris Johnson and the rest of the hoodlums in Parliament.”

How sad that the above is how America and Americans are seen in the world today. No pride in that. Just shame. All gone since the fraudulent elections of 2020 which bought a mentally challenged traitor, crook and pervert into the White House.

The reduction in our rights, freedoms and liberties already lost will never return without bloodshed and sacrifice. Even then maybe some will be lost for ever.

For years the government has been interfering at the expense of small businesses but ensured the rewarding of large corporations and companies. Everything it touches from healthcare to education, home ownership to food has cost us billions in tax money and overruns that has badly affected the middle class. We have the Federal Reserve, which should not exist, printing money 24/7 like there is no tomorrow and suppressing interest rates at speeds not seen before. Why? To continue the wealth transfer.

Coronavirus arrived and boy, the government took advantage. They and they alone decided which businesses were ‘essential’ and which were not. Which businesses had to close their doors and which could stay open. Which group of workers lost their jobs and which kept theirs.

Trust me – this wasn’t based on science but on political clout. Small companies were forcibly closed with shockingly little to no rebellion by the owners and large companies stood prepared and ready to take their sales, customers and money!

The Fed has continuously since Covid started and before taken actions to support the stock market and biggest companies allowing them unlimited access to capital with next to zero interest rates. This way the Fed kept pumping money into our economy while destroying small businesses.

Trust me here America, if the government had attempted to close down those huge corporations and companies, the yelling and noise that would have come from them would have had the government reversing themselves real fast. The tyrannical lockdowns would have been over in days or maybe weeks. The huge profits earned by these ‘protected’ big businesses is in the trillions of dollars. The profits became absolutely insane.

Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Sams etc. reaped the benefits they were offered and helped destroy lives.

The Government mustn’t ever be allowed again to pick and choose their cronies over ordinary Americans. Everyone should be treated equally under the law. Our very freedom and survival as a group is at risk by the governments full frontal assault on small businesses and their staff and families.

In the mean time the elderly retirees and savers have been kicked in the proverbial groin area as we have been unable to earn any interest on savings without taking too much risk. Pensions like Social Security and state pensions have not kept up with inflation and as we hurtle into hyper inflation we will fall further behind again affecting the Middle class and lower class folk.

How did we ever allow such a disconnect between government and the citizenry? I will tell you how. We were asleep at the wheel. We trusted them too much despite the obvious signs of their corruption and their lies. Despite the fact that we saw politicians getting richer and richer while serving. People like AOC who a few years ago didn’t have a penny to her name, but a few years as a congresswoman has a new Tesla, huge apartment in a luxury area and wears $2000 outfits! All while claiming she is a girl of the people!! How about Sniffer Joe with his multiple million dollar homes? The list of corrupt, treasonous and evil anti America globalist and socialist politicians living the high life on our dime goes on for ever. Both parties. This is not just a Democrat thing.

We have become lazy, uncaring, unpatriotic, demanding, expecting everything for nothing. We should be in the streets with pitchforks demanding a total reversal of all the wrongs government had done in our name. They are not to be trusted. They have proved that endlessly. They enter politics occasionally meaning to actually serve but then get corrupted by the swamp members whose sole intention is to destroy our beloved country while gaining power and enriching themselves.

America. We are not all in this together. There is a them and us. Everyday they get richer while our dreams are shattered. Billions are spent in promoting and getting the right people elected to ensure these huge company and their stockholders keep getting richer.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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