VIDEO: The Tale of Two Cities — The World Builds Babylon

J.S. a reader sent us a link to this sermon by Eric Douma from the Gospel of Grace Fellowship. According to the Gospel of Grace:

In this third message about future Babylon, we examine how Babylon will be the headquarters of a false religion that most unbelievers will partake of in the last seven years (Daniel’s 70th week). I focus on both Pantheism and Marxism as major components of this future religion based in Babylon. I demonstrate that Pantheism began in Babylon, and that it will more than likely be centered in Babylon again in the final years of human history. I also prove that Marxism is really a religion based on the hatred of Christ and His people.

We also show how Marxist doctrine is in solidarity with the doctrines of Antichrist on many points. Come and equip yourself to understand the major issues of false religion plaguing the world today that may comprise the final Babylonian religion.

Please take the time to watch it.

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