Soviet Socialism in Stalinist America

We are at war and this is the subject of my new book. I am planning this article to be the last chapter of my book. The title has not been decided yet.  Opening this book on any page randomly will shower you with hidden information about behind the scenes activities of different leaders and their ideological tricks. These are the articles I have written over the period 2014-2021. They chronicle the history of world politics in the 20th-21st centuries vis-à-vis Russia. Knowledge of Soviet Socialism, which I renamed Soviet fascism, spread by the Russian/Chinese Intel is imperative to win the war as the infiltrated and contaminated Democrat Party has joined that Evil force to destroy us from within…

You will learn how a Global Spy Ring was systematically attacking our culture, democratic institutions, courts, and businesses to weaken and destroy our Constitutional republic for decades. We can no longer ignore their all-out assault on our society and culture, because it is highly successful today in bringing 35 % of Americans toward disrespecting our Founders and the unique political system that they had designed and left to us. This is the result of Stalinist propaganda and systemic indoctrination impacting our schools and Universities. The predicament in the country is explosively dangerous now.

The George Floyd disorder of burning, destroying and killing was a harbinger of the Socialist Revolution manufactured by the Dem-run States while they protect even violent criminals. The end-game is Control and Power. Reading the book you will learn how a Global Spy Ring in concert with the Democrat Party while accusing Republicans and their leadership in Treason, have been covering-up Treason that they themselves have committed during several decades…

To save American Constitutional republic, awareness of the Russian/Chinese counter-Intelligence operation in America is a Must! Yes, this knowledge of our enemies, the KGB as a violent-doer in details is the crux of the matter today in securing our Constitutional republic for the next generations…This topic is the late-motive of my entire new book. And this is the reason the new book begins with the explanation of Marxist Theory. Please, read my column Slavery has no Color: Karl Marx, and Stalinist/Socialist Charlatans, June 23, 2020.

It is not an accident that Marx titled Socialism/Communism as a Theory in the 19th century. The Dictionary says:

 Noun: theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something. Similar: hypothesis, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation.

Yes, the theory is not a FACT, it is a system of ideas intended to explain something. Marxist theory wasn’t popular in the 19 century. Russian Socialist Revolution in the 20th century made Socialism/Communism a FACT. This is the major issue, I have been writing in my columns and books–Josef Stalin made Marxism popular, the famous murderer of the 20th century did it. Yes, Stalin was using Marxist rhetoric, while building his Soviet Socialism with the help of numerous and ubiquitous intelligence agencies as the custodians or guards of the Soviet Socialist economy. The Soviet people called the structure of Stalin’s Soviet Socialism—Stalinism…

Communists and Socialist Charlatans

You were the witnesses of how Stalinist Soviet Socialism has Collapsed and how a New Socialist KGB has emerged from the ashes as the new Russian Government… Yes, the KGB has emerged as a new Russian government with the KGB counter-intelligence officer–President-Vladimir Putin. This was a crucial moment in the world history—Stalinist Socialism couldn’t sustain itself and collapsed. I use the term KGB as a-violence-doer or the KGB Mafia/Army, describing the manner and methods of Stalinism. Those events are monumental to perceive America today, in the 21st century.

I am deliberately bringing to your attention my article: Slavery has no Color: Karl Marx, and Stalinist/Socialist Charlatans, June 23, 2020. The research of civilization and its History by Marx and his four stages of development in civilization are partially correct—minorities lacking those four stages of development are unable to live in civilized world… Yet, the freedom and individual liberty by American Constitutional republic showed him wrong. A Republican Trump administration proves it: all minorities groups have flourished under the capitalist Trump administration. This is my first point concerning Karl Marx: he considered all minorities groups as UNDERDEVELOPED or inferior. He was wrong.

The second point…. Reading about Marx’s’ conduct in the mentioned above article, you will hear about his sloppiness, inconsistency, and dishonesty: I even called him the first Socialist Charlatan.  Let me remind you the Socialist/Communist modus operandi: “Socialist mentality is the engine of the Dems armed with Stalinist modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud, propaganda, symbols, and slogans, intimidation, manipulations, provocations, threat, and violence…” From Uncle Joe #1 to Uncle Joe #2, March 8, 2021. Don’t you see that exact common trait within Biden’s administration in the 21st century? And there is no accountability for lies, deceit, and fraud any longer in America…

To grasp the Socialist/Communist modus operandi and the core of Stalinism, please, read a powerful poem by Katherine Woodward:


I came from the country
Where lives do not count,
Where most of the people
Are nailed to the ground.
Where husbands and wives
Cannot trust to each other.
All are viciously watched
By the eye of “Big Brother.”
Yes, I came from the country
Of beautiful gardens,
With the flickering fountains
In the breathtaking castles.
Brilliant poets,
Magnificent music and arts…
Still the land of oppression
Land that frazzles the hearts.
Land that bleeds tirelessly,
Irrigating the earth,
Where tears like water
Pouring hard all across.
Where people are carrying
Their cross to the end.
Disobeying is deadly
And the life is being spent.
If you wish to survive
Keep your smile and pretend.
Nothing is left to strive,
All your heights have been bent…

Excerpted from: “SPEED FLIGHT Poetry“, 7/17/20
Katherine Woodward
Copyright 2020

As a matter of fact, the Stalinist Structure of Soviet Socialism was a model for a totalitarian dictatorship, which was expanded by the KGB Mafia/Army throughout the globe in the 20th century: North Korea, China, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. If you want to see the victims of Stalinism in Syria, watch horrifying testimony of the witness providing the pictures of the torched and killed adults and children by Syrian Intel: 60 Minutes, 7.11.21. Socialist/Communist Charlatans are attempting now to implement the same Stalinist structure of a dictatorial regime in America to demolish and overthrow our Constitutional republic and install that Stalinist Socialist model in America. To grasp the core of Stalinism, let me give you a story from the Russian history…

The Story of Russian President Yeltsin

History presents President Boris Yeltsin as quite a controversial figure. I have different opinion. President Yeltsin was a good man. He was the first Communist who openly, publicly returned his Party Book—a very courageous act in 1990. The Stalinist Soviet Socialism had made him a sick man—an alcoholic. That played a major role in his demise in the end of his career. Yet, he loved his country, knew that the youngsters were targeted by Stalinism and tried to free them from the Stalinist past.

One of his first laws had cancelled the textbooks, with revised Stalinist history–a crucial step. Several generations of the Soviet children were indoctrinated by Stalinist fraud during seventy years. Yeltsin has returned the true history to the Soviet people and promoted the Truth. It is once again hard to fight for truth under the current Russian KGB government: you saw thousands arrested in Moscow and other Russian cities. Those who have guts to revolt against Stalinist Intel, have been reading the real history of Russia thanks to Boris Yeltsin. Yet, it will be a long way to defeat the Russian KGB government, help of the world democracies is mandatory.

Joe Biden’s Swamp of Socialist Charlatans

This excursion to the past had illustrated the ubiquitous nature of Stalinism and its mighty Intel. The report about crime committed by the NSA didn’t surprise me. I was writing about the Soviet Style behavior of American Intel for years. Suppression of Conservative voices is familiar to me: the FISA Court made me a foreign agent in 2002. The crime against Tucker Carlson was also a direct violation of his privacy ten year later, both are similar to what I had experienced in the USSR. We used to live under the regime of charlatans, thugs, and criminals. That exact experience helped me to invent the term Socialist Charlatans—they conduct warfare and revolutions like Charlatans. They cheat, deceive, defraud anywhere… in America as well…

The NSA was monitoring Tucker’s computer and leaked Tucker’s emails to the Washington Post. I am writing about the incompetence of American Intel and the FBI for several decades—they don’t know Russia and her Intel. As we can see today, they are infiltrated by that Evil force and have become dysfunctional, unable to pursue American interests. Two major gates of our national security are paralyzed, just watch attacks against the third one—Law Enforcement apparatus. The war against police, started in 2014 by Obama, will continue by Biden to nationalize police, like Stalin did, politicizing everything…

July 9, 2021 Tucker Carlson, Fox News published the opinions of the unified people believing that the 2020 election was rigged. The illustration of the Truth was shocking for many, not for me, I was writing about that and warning you about Stacy Abrams. But Socialist Charlatans from the NSA didn’t like it. Watch also the current dispatch from Afghanistan. Fighting there for twenty years, Intel haven’t learn the enemy: Blood of our servicemen killed in Afghanistan and Iraq is on the hands of the Russian KGB and our incompetent Intel…

Had you read my books and columns, you would know that Taliban and ISIS went through the same KGB schooling of tactics, methods, and dirty tricks. Yet, the Tucker story told me more than only that. It directed me to the earlier harms done to America by Socialist Charlatans. The American Intel had shown its incompetence in 1979 or maybe even before that year. Please, read my column Putin’s KGB on American Soil, January 26, 2018: a debate about The Washington Post and killing of its owner Phillip Graham: the answer is still in the dark…

I was closely following Joe Biden since Obama appointed him a point man for Ukraine 2014. It is my territory of expertise. I have written several articles about Ukraine and Biden’s family, exposing Biden’s collaboration with Putin-he had worked to help Putin to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy. Now I don’t believe a word read by Biden to us every day. Those words are written by Putin’s troopers in his staff. In my opinion we are watching a Socialist revolution, exercised by the Democrat Party from within in America. It started years ago, yet Stalinist vicious violence had been obvious only in the summer 2020 by BLM, Antifa, other thugs and criminal groups freed from prison. Putin’s organized migrant’s invasion on our Southern border illustrated the unity with Russia in the scam…

While I was writing, the TV brings news from Cuba—a massive people’s demonstration-protests against the Cuban Communist Dictatorship. People are waving the American flag, asking for help. This is a defining moment in the world history. Yes, History of the world knows who had brought the ideology of Socialism/Communism to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to our Hemisphere, to within 90 miles of our shore—Russia. Cuba today is the window of opportunities for American democracy to start aggressively fighting back Socialism/Communism in our Hemisphere. Watching President Biden and his administration, you will have a response confirming my opinion. You will also begin to better understand the term Socialist Charlatans! They are playing a game by using COVID and vaccine to divert your attention from the revolution they do exercise now against our Constitutional republic.

Crime and lawlessness in the Democrat-run States surge across major U.S. cities and it will not stop: Violence is a part of Socialist revolution. Moreover, you will see the Soviet style indoctrination of the Army and police… Yet, Republicans are fighting a fraudulent and lifeless if not dead Marxist theory, while an aggressive and alive Russian/Chinese Intel destroys us from within…

We the people!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued or at

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    Susie says:

    And what exactly has the GOP done to stop it? From the looks of the current shake up involving the RNC and Jenna Ellis’ exit from the party it looks like most of congress is pushing WeThePeople down the road to serfdom. And it as scary as can be.


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