Three Absolute Truths About The Climate

CLIMATE: The prevailing influence or environmental conditions characterizing a group or period.

“In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth…”Genesis 1

Climate Change?

In his column “The Magical World of ‘Climate Change’” Hadley Arkes wrote:

“Climate change” gives the Left a “moral” code, a kind of pseudo religion, without the reasoning that animates true religion.

Arkes noted:

The Left may reject moral truth, but they want something to feel righteous about, and they do want to ring condemnation for their adversaries.  “Climate change” has given them a “moral” world nicely detached from those vexing moral truths, and a kind of pseudo-religion, bereft of the weave of reasoning that runs through the religion we have come to know.

Environmentalism is a “cult” that is neither science or religion. It is a way for individuals to feel good by trying to save the planet from global cooling and/or global warming to actually trying to control the climate by controlling themselves and others.

QUESTION: How are environmentalists trying to control the climate?

ANSWER: By controlling the lives of people.

The environmentalist movement, and those elected officials who support it, do so by controlling people and their day to day lifestyle choices.

Hence we see the growth of high priced organic foods, the pushing via government incentives and regulations forcing the use of solar and wind power and, of course, the push for all electric vehicles. None of these incentives, policies or regulations have had any significant impact on the climate. In fact they are doing more harm than good, e.g. the brown outs in California and the ongoing power outages in Texas due to wind turbines freezing.

The problem is that all foods are organic, even additives are organic. Both solar and wind power are unreliable sources of energy because the wind stops blowing and the sun goes down. Finally, electric cars require energy to recharge and 90% of America’s energy comes from fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power plants.

The Three Absolute Truths About The Climate

A good friend of mine, John Casey, told me three absolute truths about the earth’s climate.

John L. Casey is one of a few, if not the only U.S. climate and solar researcher, to have correctly predicted the Sun’s energy output based on sun spots. John’s research led to the creation of the The Cold Truth Initiative.

Here are three absolute truths about the climate:

  1. The climate changes.
  2. These changes in the climate follow natural cycles.
  3. There is nothing mankind can do to change these natural cycles.

No matter what policies are enacted the climate will not change because of them. However, the climate does and will continue to change. We have morning, noon and night. During the day the temperatures will vary. We cannot control the weather. When it rains we cannot stop the rain. When we have cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes we cannot by anything we do change these from happening.

Reducing CO2 emission’s is harms us more than helps us. For you see CO2 is plant food. Plants, and therefore a green planet depends on the CO2 we breath out and the emissions from our vehicles, power plants and yes even cow flatulating.

So What Can We Do?

What we as individuals can and must do is to be good stewards of planet earth. God gave man dominion over the earth and all of its creatures. But he tasks us to use what He has given us wisely.

We must grow our crops to feed ourselves and others. We must use our technology to improve upon how we live, work and play. We must do our best to take what we have been given and help others to reap the great and glorious bounty of our planet, and what lies beyond on other planets.

Controlling people using the ideology of environmentalism is a clear form of tyranny. History tells us that tyranny, in any form, is both dangerous and deadly.

Freeing people to do their best to use what we have been given is liberating.

I choose liberty over tyranny. I am a conservationist, not an environmentalist. I embrace the freedom to choose. My body, my choice on what I eat, drive and do.

How about you?

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    This article has the most common sense I’ve seen in decades!
    We can’t control the weather. Nothing else needs to be said.

    Thank you!


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