VIDEO: ‘The Third Testament’ – The Historical Thriller Event That Pins Islamo-Nazism


Reporter and director of documentaries on the Middle East conflicts, Rehov is also an expert in the psychopathology of suicide terrorism. “The Third Testament”, is his second novel in English after “Beyond Red Lines”

With this new thriller, the author once again takes us on a breathless adventure where reality often exceeds fiction. He also takes us on a journey from Washington to Pennsylvania, from Boston to Moscow, from East Germany to Banda Aceh and the stifling jungle of Sumatra.

The story begins in 1992, when agent Alexei Soloviev accidentally discovers in the KGB archives a secret esoteric will of Adolph Hitler, seized in his bunker by the Red Army after his suicide.

Thirty years later, unusual disturbances in Islamist circles linked to neo-Nazi organizations lead young intelligence analyst Melany Carson to infiltrate a supremacist group in Pennsylvania.

A terrifying and unexpected discovery leads her on a dangerous adventure with her new partner, young billionaire Jeff Cartright.

While Jeffrey and Melany try to find Alexei Soloviev, the only person who knows Hitler’s last wishes, a new Islamic springtime shakes Indonesia and its two hundred million inhabitants around one man, Habib Saragih, the mysterious leader of a revolutionary movement whose financial means seem to be unlimited.

The questions of the esoteric sources of Islamo-fascism, which we hear a lot about lately, are then raised. The novel takes us back to the 1930s to explore the historical facts that the author has gone to great lengths to find. We discover that Himmler, a fanatic of occult sciences, witchcraft and Tibetan Tantrism, had sent several expeditions to the country of the Dalai Lamas, with the official aim of finding the roots of the Aryan race. Under Rehov’s pen, another hypothesis opens up. Could it be that he and Hitler, both convinced that reincarnation exists, sought the key (and discovered it) in the sacred lands of Shambala? Would they have found an esoteric work attributed to the Buddha himself, which allows the emulators of the Dalai Lama to find the reincarnation of their leader?

Back to the present. Neo-Nazis seem to have taken control of several terrorist organizations in the world, notably in Indonesia, with the ambition to resurrect the Third Reich. Their rallying sign: 88, as in twice the eighth letter of our alphabet, i.e. the H, so HH in reference to Heil Hitler. But if Karma exists, who would Hitler have reincarnated into?

Beyond its thriller dimension, which makes it a real “page-turner”, a book that you can’t let go once opened, “The Third Testament” evokes this natural union between Nazism and Islamism around a breathtaking chase against a background of current events and historical facts. The construction of the book is of a very high level, the reading particularly limpid and rhythmic. Drop everything and hurry to acquire it. This novel is incredible, way beyond Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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