PODCAST: How Western Democracies Are Losing to Political Islam

An Interview by Vibhuti Jha on Jaipur Dialogs.

Topics include:

  • The power of using the right language and precisely defined terms.
  • How democracies are submitting to Islam in all areas.
  • Is there still freedom of speech in the West?
  • The fear factor in democracies about Islam.
  • Why I admire the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Why we must fight an ideological war.
  • Why we must form groups to work with, so we are not fighting as individuals.
  • How Muslims are willing to donate money to the effort to defeat us and how Kafirs do not really support Kafir fighters.
  • When Muslims become candidates for public office, we must use the public forum as a time to ask tough questions about Sharia and political Islam. To do this, we must have the ability to create groups of Kafirs who work in communication with others doing the same thing in other areas.

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  1. Sharon Kowalski
    Sharon Kowalski says:

    the wailing and whining over the Crusades that happened centuries ago by moslems and their useful idiots (usually bad Christians) is just an excuse they use in order to bash Christians. The protestants should be happy over them or else islam would have dominated Europe and there would have been no reformation (I usually call that a deformation but I just find a lot of problems in the protestant points of faith due to a guy that deleted stuff that he didn’t want to believe in).

    We see in all ‘land for peace’ deals – the moslems NEVER keep their word and just keep on with their violent and civilizational jihads. They need useful idiots – until they don’t need them anymore. And when they don’t need them the useful idiots find themselves facing the blade, or have to run away from the situation they helped to create.


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