VIDEO: Government Corruption With So Called ‘Covid Vaccine’

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” – Albert Einstein

Today’s blog is interesting. It includes a video, fairly long but worth listening to. It is two hours of valuable information. People who are in denial of what is really going on, need to see this. Post this link to all your Government officials and health Authorities, and let’s try and stop the lies and more lockdown and mask mandates.

We know that lockdowns and mask mandates, vaccine shaming and perpetual shaming of non vaxxed citizens is very much on the cards of this administration and blue run cities and states.

Finally a story that puts all the pieces together in a logical way, now it all makes sense, the Truth is now exposed !

Please share this blog far and wide and if social media remove it or try ‘fact check’ it, use this blog url to text and emails in your contacts.

Dr. Martin lays out the corporate and Governmental corruption of the Corona virus and the so-called vaccine.

All of this is worth carefully listening to, but if you don’t listen to anything else please listen from the 40 minute to 51 minute point. It’s 11 minutes of unbelievable. According to the US Patent office this is not really a vaccine. I think at about the 47 minute point is where they say that the injection is leaving behind an S1 Spike Protein.

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  1. Bruce Alan
    Bruce Alan says:

    It is NOT a vaccine, it is a murder weapon, Many are dying from the severe adverse effects of this concoction this EXPERIMENTAL DRUG! In Germany they are reporting that 30 to 40% of “covid” deaths ARE from the Vaccine ! Murder Charges should be filed against ALL involved in the distribution of this Murderous Mechanized Weapon Woefully labeled as a Vaccine !!!!


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