Our expose is a focus on the “evidence” presented by Brannon Howse, Mary Fanning and Mike Lindell, that 100% proof positive, China hacked the 2020 Election, by the data presented in their video series, and flipped to votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

We believe this “evidence” to be false and present our case beginning with our first video. Without question, the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump but Lindell’s Absolute Proof series undermines the critically important work going on in other States, at this moment. We MUST stay focused of the real fraud and illegalities that occurred on November 3, 2020.

We do not see the Supreme Court even considering Mike Lindell’s “evidence,” but it is possible for the Supreme Court to make positive decisions based upon the forensic investigations into the fraud now in process.

Mike Lindell is is viewed by many as an American Hero. This video simply addresses the information that Lindell and his team produced.

The wise viewer understands this distinction.

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  1. Gwebo Celestron
    Gwebo Celestron says:

    I am a cyber security expert with forensics experiance. I have investigated many hacks over the years. I want in on this. I’ve been following Lindell’s “evidence”. So far he hasn’t proven to me anything. He had that one video where a pixeled out “expert” claimed to have packet captures. Then showed a hex dump of of a file, section of disk space, or memory trying to pass it off as a packet capture. I broke out the hex to ASCII and it was nothing but gobbledeegook. In another instance his goons say they saw Chinese MAC addresses and somehow that proves China hacked into the voting machines. Anyone with a computer or other device made in China (most of them are these days) are going to have a Chinese manufacturer’s MAC address for their network interface card. Lindell proved nothing with this. Lundell’s “experts” are frauds. We need real experts like myself looking into this. I want firewall logs, system logs, memory dumps, and forensic copies of hard drives from those machines. If there’s hacking or system tampering or unauthorized access I’ll find it. This has been my career for nearly 30 years. I am reputable. I’m certified. I’ve held government clearences. I am a patriot and a military vet.

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    I don’t exactly believe the author of this video for several reasons. He has his points, and he definitely has reasons for concern and so do I. I am in Information Technology and have handled most aspects of it including security for over 30 years. There are three reasons why I think we must listen to what Lindell is claiming. First of all, Dr. Swier is telling us this election was stolen from good old ballet stuffing and a few thousand fraudulent votes. I do believe this took place, but it could never explain how Joe Biden got over 81 million votes. Even if we audited all the key battleground states and found this to be true Biden would have only beat Trump by a couple million votes (tops). For him to beat Trump by more than 5 million votes something more sinister had to take place. The only plausible answer would have to be vote flipping at an astronomical level which is why China or some other entity must have been hacking our machines. Think about it. Five million votes is as large as the whole state of Georgia. You would need a criminal operation on a grand scale with people from every battleground state conspiring, holding secret meetings, and coordinating to create that many fraudulent ballets (and in unison). Secondly, this old cancel culture strategy of just attacking and discrediting all the people around Mike Lindell is no reason not to listen. The liberal media has done this to conservatives for over two decades. They report their stories with practically no evidence from supposed sources and while they are telling us “nothing to see here folks” or “it has been debunked”. Look at the people CNN hire. Isn’t Avenotti in Jail now? You can attack two or three people around Lindell, but there are more like 30 people and a few other firms he brought in to confirm his findings. This is more than the MSM ever uses before running their stories. Lastly, the example you gave on falsifying or doctoring packet captures is priceless. Yes, you can do that with a computer in a foreign country and an EMS. However, you can’t do this with over 35 Terabytes of data from election night. To create that stream, you would have had to know all of this before election night. You would have to know Donald Trump was going to lose and have several people working meticulously to generate these and they would have to know a lot about all the Dominion back doors and IP addresses. They would have to know more than the Board of Supervisors Arizona claim to know. Those packet captures have everything in them and they cannot be doctored after the fact. This is not video or audio that can be doctored to say or show anything like the mob likes to do. These packets will show exactly what IPs were affected and Dominion better hope it was not their IP’s. So, it is worth listening and watching the symposium. I know his one video was shows hex code and not actual data and he admitted that. He probably did not want to give out too much information, so he did that as a promotion. If this is not true, something may have been done covertly with false IP’s (from our government) as a diversion in case the enemy wanted to hack us.

  3. Arthur Middleton
    Arthur Middleton says:

    Kudos to Dr. Swier for respectfully taking on a difficult subject many are deeply worried about. If Mike Lindell is as many fear subject to a deep state false flag to discredit him and the anti-fraud movement it is important that a failure of this symposium should not be used to cause division or weaken the resolve of the patriots. The corrupt three letter agencies; functionaries of foreign powers and the Uniparty, may seek to use this symposium as another excuse for mass arrests of patriots. If they do that, if they touch Mike Lindell, a heroic, well-meaning figure in our history, they will be making a big mistake. With the constitution in hand and the fire of liberty and freedom in our hearts we will ultimatly win this spiritual battle. One nation under God. Where we go one we go all.

  4. Mrstxun04
    Mrstxun04 says:

    5 million to anyone ( hacker or news outlet) who can prove the information he presented is fake or fraudulent ( real-time computer to computer, how they accessed and how many votes were flipped) 5 Freaking Million! The man seems pretty confident to me! Absolutely zero news coverage CNN or Fox . They act / seem scared to challenge the pillow guy. With 5 million on the line he’s begging to be challenged. Think we all might have to deal with the fact our China has declared War on America, the election was probably stolen and the party in Charge might not be the good guys. Hurts, but very well could be true.

  5. Panama Cobra
    Panama Cobra says:

    Well now we know. Lindell’s own team says nothing, no proof of anything. Just more imagination of someone unable to accept the truth. There was no large scale fraud. trump lost because the majority of people do not want him to represent this country. The only fraud surrounding that election was done by trump himself. Enough already.


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