Crooked Senate Democrats Determined To Pass Pro-Election Theft Bill Before Recess

Now that the Democrats have stolen the presidential election and consolidated their power across every branch of government, they are going for the kill – ensuring one party rule for time for the foreseeable future through pro-election fraud, anti-integrity bill.

They had to steal the Senate. This is why.

Senate Democrats planning procedural vote on new voting rights bill before recess

Sen. Merkley says the bill will include a ‘national set of standards’ for voting in elections

By Nicholas Ballasy, August 6, 2021:

Senate Democratic leaders are planning to hold a procedural vote on new election reform bill before the August recess begins, a senator close to the process said Friday.

“We anticipate that we will again try to move a bill to the floor before we leave here sometime this coming week,” Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley said during a press conference with Texas state representatives who fled Texas for D.C. last month in protest of state GOP voting legislation. “You never know with the U.S. Senate how long things will take.”

Merkley described the legislation as “Manchin 2.0,” referring to the proposal West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin supported as a replacement to the Democrats’ “For the People Act.” He said the new proposal will include a “national set of standards” for voting.

“It takes on dark money. It takes on gerrymandering by setting standards for redrawing districts. It takes on early voting, vote by mail protections, registration protections, polling day protections, so standards that will ensure a clean, clear path for every American to cast their ballot,” Merkley said.

Merkley said the Democrats must “find a way” to pass national voting legislation if the latest proposal fails to garner enough votes in the Senate.

He was asked if Democrats will add voting provisions to the $3.5 trillion filibuster-proof reconciliation bill

“I am going to defer to the majority leader to lay out how that vote will be held,” he replied.

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  1. Harry J Schaubel
    Harry J Schaubel says:

    I must have read the US Constitution Wrong. I could have sworn it said that ALL Elections and Election procedures were the province of the individual states and NOT the Communist Government.
    Can someone tell me where it says the Communists are allowed to take it all over?


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