VIDEO: Defend Our Union Interviews Eyewitness to Covid Killing Fields in Sarasota, Florida

Unbelievable conduct at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida. If they do this to a Medical Doctor – what will they do to the rest of us?

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EDITORS NOTE: This Defend Florida video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. Dr Andre Palades
    Dr Andre Palades says:

    Check into the issues of payments to hospitals for the “count” of COVID cases vs other malidies. Follow the money. Who benefits most from declaring “the case” is
    COVID. …not “other.” If deaths occur as a result of this theory, the issue is judicially speaking “a case of murder or criminal negligence.” Here in St Pierre et Miquelon, French law would immediately remove the top supervisor whence the ordered incarceration came.


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