Threat to Our Freedoms and National Security

Please be aware of the Socialist Revolution going on NOW in America! As a former Soviet attorney, I invite you to learn how Putin in concert with the leadership of the Democrat Party has orchestrated it during the last decades, spreading a culture of fear, intimidation, and fraud…

Socialist Revolution in America

The Dems were committing crime and putting the finger of blame on the opposition for the last 3-4 decades. They want to establish Soviet standards of conduct and behavior. It is not ‘cancel culture’, but a long-term Sovietization of America. Disregard Biden’s theatrical reading of the teleprompter. It is a Socialist maneuver to divert your attention from the Socialist revolution that is underway in America. As a former Soviet attorney, I warned you about Sovietization of America for years. You will see very soon a silencing of, and a crackdown on Conservatives in America, which equates to Stalin’s Purges and Hitler’s corporate political monopoly to eliminate competitors. This is political partisan (Democrat) control and power similar to the Communists in Russia and Nazis in Germany. Read my col-s on KGB/Fascism: here is a link to one of them

Republicans are chasing their tail again: The term “Radical Left” is a shallow and deceptive label of the Dems. The ruling Democrat party is a Criminal Cabal of Socialist Charlatans, rapidly destroying our political system and Constitutional republic designed by our Founding Fathers. It’s being systematically done by Russia’s Intel in concert with the leadership of the Democrat Party. I am using the term KGB while describing Russia’s Intel and its agencies, but you should remember that Vladimir Putin is constantly changing the names of the agencies, like Stalin did to cover-up the crimes they had committed. I don’t know what agency investigated Alexey Navalny, but I know that it was the FSB, a former KGB that poisoned him…

Putin continued Stalinist policy developing the new names of the punitive agencies. For example: “The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has since January 2011 been the main federal investigating authority in Russia. Agency executive: Vladimir Putin, President.” Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is imperative for peace, tranquility and stability in the globe… For thirty-five years I have been trying to educate Americans by sharing my experiences with them. As you can see those experiences are vital today to save human lives across the world…

Afghanistan: The Human Catastrophe

The words of this title I wrote in my column after Biden withdrew American air forces from Afghanistan: an ill-conceived, incompetent decision. Our friends in the world are stunned by the decision. My experiences in Russia and knowledge of Russia’s Intel educated me in the crimes that have been committed by them globally. The war in Afghanistan is one of them. It was started by President George W. Bush and has involved another three American Presidents for twenty years managing the war without a clear strategy perspective and military mission objectives.

What is going on in Afghanistan in August 2021 is not the Taliban takeover, it is a Russian takeover. The Taliban has legitimacy with Vladimir Putin, who continued Stalinist policy of recruiting, infiltrating, killing and assassinating to have Control and Power over Western civilization and American capitalism. Very little has changed in Russia while the devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov policy, Vladimir Putin, has followed their criminal design…

I know that, because, I was listening to the report from king Daud palace in December 1979, when the Soviets committed their coup in Afghanistan. This report by the German station, describing a palace with blood pouring along the stairs… made me an enemy of the Soviets for life… Please, read my book Baltic Winds: Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, pp. 225-226, XLIBRIS, 2002.  It was that scene in the Afghan palace that drove me to write my first book… Yes, Biden is continuing to help Putin, devastating Afghanistan and illustrating the Biden/Putin conspiracy again… Our Intel and the FBI are silent and it will cost a lot of American blood in the future… Afghanistan will collapse. It is worse than Saigon. All American arsenal of weaponry and ammunition should be destroyed to prevent the Taliban using them. Remember: Putin and Xi are preparing the same collapse for America… Learn the Russian Intel apparatus…

Had you read my books and columns you would know that our enemies in Afghanistan Al-Qaeda and Taliban have been supervised and coordinated by the Russian Intel. That is the reason we must know the Russian Intel. Hence, I was trying to educate you in this exact subject for the last thirty-five years. I was presenting the strategy, tactics, methods, and dirty tricks of Stalinist Russian Intel: its creed of lying, deceiving, and defrauding, the specific tactics of intimidation, threat, and violence, and the usage of deceptive slogans and symbols… There was another Democrat in the White House when we had multiple crises: rising crime, gas shortages, inflation, and… a soft attitude toward Soviet Russia in the 1970s. We didn’t learn the lesson then…

The Biden’s: Papa and Son

Though I was writing about The Biden’s: Papa and Son for years, yet, the new explosive news about Hunter Biden and more disturbing developments by Daily Mail video gives us additional data. It is interesting why such bombastic news is not broadly spread, who is protecting Hunter Biden? The additional information is important: Hunter definitely doesn’t trust Russians, but continued dealing with them because of “zillions of dollars.” In short– he is aiding the enemy for money. This situation is opening up other ties in his international dealings—a criminal partnership of the three.

Do you remember the testimony of Hunter’s associate Tony Bobulinski? His credibility and his testimony have confirmed an interesting meeting in Moscow between the three dealers: Hunter, Russian and Chinese dealers. This meeting is revealing the Hunter connection to our major enemies—the Russian/Chinese Intel—a criminal partnership of the three. For your information, all foreign dealings are conducted under the supervision of the Russian/Chinese Intel in those two countries designed by Comrade Stalin in the 1940s. Don’t be surprised that the Russia/Chinese Intel is supervising all Russian and Chinese Embassies. You should remember the history of how many Russian diplomats had been expelled from the Russian Embassies in the past…

Tony Bobulinski has also exposed Joe Biden himself as the center of this criminal partnership. It goes back to President Obama, who had appointed Joe Biden his point man in Ukraine in 2013-2014. You could see a lot of pictures of the three laughing together: Obama, Joe Biden, and Hunter. Maybe a criminal partnership had started then in 2014 or even prior to that and Biden’s long-term help to Putin. Do you remember Biden’s Quid-pro-Quo? Biden’s threat to Ukrainian government about $1 billion to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor is also a vivid evidence of his work on Putin’s behalf to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy.

Do you remember the American Embassy in Kiev that has helped Biden to find the Russian asset and contact Biden with the owner of Burisma. By the way, Joe Biden himself had emailed Vadim Pozharskyi, a top executive from Ukrainian gas firm Burisma (in my opinion a KGB agent). Secret Service logs include a travel entry for Biden on April 3-6, 2014. We the People Daily, 10.24.2020.

The three American Manchurian Presidents collaborating with Russia’s Intel have inflicted enormous damage to the nation, undermining and weakening our strength and spirit for decades. A young and very smart Vivek Ramaswamy is only half-right saying: Democrats should stop saying “racist,” and in return Republicans should stop saying “Marxist,” to describe things that don’t remotely fit those labels. The problem is much bigger and wider. The history of collaboration with Russia’s Intel had opened the door to a massive recruitments and infiltration of the enemy into the midst of our government and society. Read my columns.

The result we experience now in 2021–million pockets of deficiency created by infiltrated aggressive forces working from within in concert with Democrats. I’d recommend you to find 60 minutes February 14, 2021, and watch the first fragment to understand what Russia brings to America and the globe. Pay attention to crime and violence of Socialism’s lawlessness that surge across major U.S. cities. Read the column: Russia-based ransomware cyberattack could paralyze over 200 US companies, Conservative Institute, July 4, 2021. Read my books and columns, learn about our enemies—Russia and China.

The recent disaster on our Southern border is also a result of the Dem collaboration with Russia. It is the same design by Putin to destroy Western civilization he orchestrated in Europe in 2015. The invasion on our Southern border by the migrants and thousands of unaccompanied children is part of WWIII designed by Stalin/Andropov—a successful continuation of Stalinism in America. Don’t be surprised by the thousands of migrants from a hundred countries, highly organized: they have reflected the KGB activity across the world. Remember: Putin is weaponizing migration globally. It is an original Stalinist design of 1930-40 in the Spanish Civil War. Read about the Spanish Civil War and thousands of Spanish children transported to Russia.

Critical Race Theory

This subject is also not new for me—I have been discussing Stalinist policy of “divide and conquer” for decades. It was changing the narratives, but the core stays the same to divide Americans by indoctrinating Black communities… Read my column: Stalinism and Destabilization of America, June 2. 2015. The KGB started to divide the races in America in the 1960s with the narrative of White Oppressors, then White Privilege. Today it is the KGB narratives of White Supremacy and Critical Race Theory. The word Theory is the invitation to discuss and Black Conservatives are ready to reject the Theory…

America’s freedom and individual liberty have given Black Conservatives the opportunity to learn and understand the enemy’s design to divide and conquer. Nourished by the American political system designed by our Founding Fathers, the movement of Conservatives has united all minorities to protect and save our Constitutional republic, the way no other country is able to achieve. American Conservatives love America the Beautiful and will defend the strength and spirit of our Constitutional republic. Just listen to the speeches of Candice Owens, Jason Whitlock or Byron Donalds and you will be proud of our country and our unique Constitutional republic.

To be continued and at

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