VIDEO: Joe Biden is At War with Us Liberty-Loving Americans

Terrorists are murdering and raping and holding Americans (and our friends) hostage in Afghanistan and what does Joe Biden do? Why, he attacks! But the guy in the Oval Office is not attacking the terrorists. He’s attacking Americans who are simply seeking to defend their God-given liberty. We are at war, folks. The war is for the constitutional soul and direction of this Republic.

Biden and company are the enemy.

Know this! Covid is the greatest political attack, lie, and diversion in U.S. political history. Stand up for your liberty with Graham Ledger and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny who discuss government using forced vaccinations to assault your constitutional rights and what every American – covid jabbed or not – should do about it.

EDITORS NOTE: This Ledger Report video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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  1. Bruce Alan
    Bruce Alan says:

    Biden and the DEMONCRATS are going to lose the war they waged against our Freedoms and Liberties! They are Treasonous Traitors and MUST BE Dealt with as such …… PERIOD!!!!


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