VIDEO: 15 Million ‘Lost’ Votes — The Greatest Indictment of Vote by Mail Not Reported by MSM

If you care about the “franchise”, then you must oppose the vote by mail attack on your precious right to vote.

A little known non-profit called Public Interest Legal Foundation has released a rather large (and important) piece of research on the 2020 Presidential election. In fact, this report is total vindication for those of us who have been screaming that vote by mail is rife with fraud. And in California, they have refined and institutionalized this election fraud to the point where the recall voting of governor Gavin Newsom is being executed 100% by mail.

Graham Ledger speaks with Ruth Weiss of the Election Integrity Project who has a stern warning and crucial advise for any American voter who is faced with vote by mail.

EDITORS NOTE: This Ledger Report video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal Brown
    Royal Brown says:

    The 2020 Election was Stolen and we can’t let the Democrats and their Chinese Communist Party allies get away with it.


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