STUDY: Vaccinated Individuals Carry 251 Times the Load of COVID-19 Viruses in their Nostrils Compared to the Unvaccinated

We recently wrote a column titled “FACT CHECKING THE CDC: SARS-COV2 Vaccines and Shedding” We stated:

There is growing debate on whether or not the SARS-COV2 vaccinated shed. Shedding occurs after someone is vaccinated and then transmits the SARS-COV2 disease to others that they come into contact with. There is serious discussion about individuals shedding after receiving their shots (vaxx).

Proof That Vaccinated People Transmit the SARS-COV2 Virus

Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH in a The Defender Children’s Health Defense column wrote:

A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.

The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.

This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally.

The paper’s authors, Chau et al, demonstrated widespread vaccine failure and transmission under tightly controlled circumstances in a hospital lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Read more.

Read the full study by clicking here.

Science dictates that this issue of vaccinated individuals shedding the SARS-COV2 virus must be studied in depth in order to understand if getting vaccinated is a good thing or bad thing.

Sadly, this “shedding” issue has taken on a political twist that is not helpful to understanding the positives and negatives of getting vaccinated.

Get VAXXED or Else

They are coming for us:

in a column titled “’YOUR PAPERS PLEASE’ Is Only the Beginning” wrote:

Last week Devvy Kidd emailed me that Pfizer’s clot shot will be licensed this week and that means the demand will rise for vaccination to enter stores, go to work, see a movie, have a surgery, or attend a wedding or funeral.  The first thing I heard Monday morning was that the FDA had licensed the Pfizer jab.  This is the end of all medical freedom. “Your papers please,” is only the beginning.  As for the Food and Drug Administration, Devvy’s comments were spot on when she said, “If anyone had any doubts about the FDA being owned by big pharma, this should hammer it home.”

Wayne Allen Root writes, “We have suicide bombers in the White House. We have suicide bombers in our governor’s mansions. Worst of all, we have suicide bombers directing the U.S. economy. Call this suicide by Democrats.”

He’s right, we are headed for disaster, far worse than the Hindenburg and Titanic.  New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all demanding “Your papers please,” to go into any restaurant, bar, nightclub, gym, even retail stores.  I would assume that means groceries as well.  They’ll starve the people who want nothing to do with their medical nihilism.  What’s next?  A patch on clothing that says “unvaxxed?”

And yes Wayne, the Democrats are asking for an economic disaster because 50% of Americans refuse the vax. They will stop attending functions, eating out, and spending their money where it counts.  They’re not just morons, they’re Red Fascists.

Leo Hohman’s latest article spells it out.  The Department of Homeland Security has issued a terror alert equating Americans who oppose government COVID restrictions with 9/11 terrorists.

“DHS will continue to identify and evaluate calls for violence, including online activity associated with the spread of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives, by known or suspected threat actors and provide updated information, as necessary.”

In a help-wanted ad posted to the National Guard’s website it is looking for men and women between the ages of 17 and 35 and in good physical shape to serve in its military police units as internment and resettlement specialists.

The E31 classification jobs will involve working in “Search/Restraint.”

Wake up America!

Israel is one of the countries that has mandated their citizens to get Vaxxed. How is this working out for Israelis? Noga Tarnopolsky in a column titled “Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America” reports:

The massive surge of COVID-19 infections in Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries on earth, is pointing to a complicated path ahead for America.

[ … ]

The complex and sobering truth is that no single policy or event brought Israel to this crisis, Hagai Levine, a Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor of epidemiology, told The Daily Beast. A deadly set of circumstances came together to put Israel on the precipice, most of which can be summed up as: “We are still in the midst of a pandemic, and there is no silver bullet.”

“All the vectors have influenced the rise in morbidity,” he said.

Read the full article.


Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH concludes:

Vaccinated individuals are blasting out [shedding] concentrated viral explosions into their communities and fueling new COVID surges. Vaccinated healthcare workers are almost certainly infecting their coworkers and patients, causing horrendous collateral damage.

Continued vaccination will only make this problem worse, particularly among frontline doctors and nurses workers who are caring for vulnerable patients.

The SARS-COV2 vaccines are new, in scientific terms. Some of the vaccines used and distributed in the United States are currently not fully FDA approved. The exception is the Pfizer vaccine.

We are years if not a decades away from understanding the long term effects of taking the SARS-COV2 vaccines.

Many have taken the SARS-COV2 vaccines and are doing fine, others are suffering and some dying from the effects of taking the vaccines.

The problem is that the federal government, companies, hospitals and social media are doing their best, using fear, to force individuals to take the vaccine. The idea of doctor patient decision making on taking or not taking the SARS-COV2 vaccine is almost moot.

To make matters worse, the federal government is now saying that individuals who have been vaccinated need a booster shot. Why? If the vaccine is truly effective why the booster shot?

The World Health Organization’s (HWO) website on Covid states:

Will COVID-19 vaccines provide long-term protection?

Because COVID vaccines have only been developed in the past months, it’s too early to know the duration of protection of COVID-19 vaccines. Research is ongoing to answer this question. However, it’s encouraging that available data suggest that most people who recover from COVID-19 develop an immune response that provides at least some period of protection against reinfection – although we’re still learning how strong this protection is, and how long it lasts.

Even WHO doesn’t know if the SARS-COV2 vaccine is effective.

So, there it is. Science is never settled, even though there are some who believe it is. We are a long way from knowing the truth about COVID-19 and SARS-COV2 vaccines.

To get vaxxed or not to get vaxxed is a personal decision. It’s your body and your choice. Choose wisely, in consultation with your doctor.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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4 replies
  1. Bruce Alan
    Bruce Alan says:

    The “Vaccine” does not stop anyone from getting COVID-19, it makes them Fertilized ground FOR COVID-19, it’s the design and plan against humanity around the world and it is DEMONIC in origin, from the Luciferian Occult Globalist like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Besos, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google founders ) Geroge Soros and a host of Many other servants of Satan the Devil!

  2. Richard Butterton
    Richard Butterton says:

    The Vax is the Delta variant….
    The vaccine wasn’t designed for covid 19, covid 19 was designed for the vaccine.
    Research event 201 and rockefeller lockstep program.

  3. Leigh Westraad
    Leigh Westraad says:

    Not to be impertinent because I’m not vaccinated and do not intend to be, but that isn’t what the Oxford paper said. If you read the one you linked, it talked only about the vaccinated and breakthrough variant cases- there is no comparison in that paper to unvaccinated. Please don’t sink to their level.


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