VIDEO: Biden Treason! Exposing U.S. Troops to Terrorists & Most Deadly Vax Ever

Joe Biden is literally killing American servicemen and women.

Biden cares more about forcing the COVID shot into the arms of the U.S. military than he does about protecting our guys in hell-holes like Afghanistan.

Biden is exposing our troops to terrorists and they are getting killed. But he’s also exposing the military to a long-term potential death sentence by forcing them to participate (unwillingly or unknowingly) in the largest human clinical trial of mRNA spike proteins ever.

Biden cares more about this political wedge issue (COVID vax) than he does about protecting our troops from actual, lethal threats.

WATCH: Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Peter McCullough about how and why the COVID jabs are the greatest vaccine failure in world history.


EDITORS NOTE: This Ledger Report video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. Bruce Alan
    Bruce Alan says:

    “Biden Treason”, The entire Demoncratic Socialist Party are Treasonous Traitors against our Freedoms and Liberties Afforded You by our Constitution! All of these ENEMIES of America and it’s Constitution MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM AMERICA Completely forever, There MUST BE Accountability at ALL levels, and ALL guilty parties MUST face justice !!


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