PODCAST: How Islam Defeated the Kafirs in Afghanistan

Our political and military leaders refuse to learn the language and ideology of Islamic war doctrine. While Islam fights an enemy they know, we insist that Muslims are just like us, only culturally different, and we must respect those differences.

We believe that the normal relationship between nations is peaceful; Islam believes the natural state between Islam and Kafirs is war that will only end when all the world is ruled by Sharia.

Muslims have Allah on their side and jihad is fighting in Allah’s cause. The Sunna of Mohammed and the Koran lay out the perfect war doctrine.

And until we understand this war doctrine and know who our enemy is, we will always be defeated.

Political Islam · How Islam Defeated the Kafirs in Afghanistan

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  1. Royal A Brown
    Royal A Brown says:

    Started with US including CIA support for Mudahajeen in their successful fight against Russia resulting in Russia’s withdrawal. They then turned into Taliban and were joined by Al Qaeda. Lose, lose situation for US especially the idiotic “nation building” part.

    Ends in disgrace for USA as we abandon $83 B worth of arms and equipment; $200 M in cash and the strategic Bagram Air Base as well as leaving thousands of Americans trapped in country. Now the Chinese will move in to mine precious minerals needed for military purposes and the world-wide Jihad against Western Civilization has been re-energized.

    Beijing Joe Biden, his entire Staff; the Secretary’s of State and Defense; the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff; the heads of 17 so called Intelligence Agencies and others are guilty of dereliction of duty and treason and should be charged and prosecuted.


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