VIDEO REPORT: All Hell is About to Break Loose in Georgia

Knuckling under to pressure by Democrat activist Stacey Abrams, Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger and the State Election Board passed an emergency rule to allow the widespread use of unsupervised ballot drop boxes for the 2020 election.

Under Georgia law, only the voter or his or her legal representative is allowed to deposit ballots in drop boxes. Part of the emergency rule allowing drop boxes required 24/7 video surveillance of each drop box location.

Conservative watchdog group True the Vote, which obtained and has analyzed thousands of hours of the surveillance video, reportedly found evidence showing over 240 ballot harvesters in Georgia illegally going from drop box to drop box in the middle of the night dumping backpacks of ballots while wearing gloves, presumably to hide fingerprints.

According to True the Vote, the alleged perpetrators dumped ballots at an average of 23 drop boxes a night at drop box locations throughout the state, including ones in Georgia’s four largest counties: Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett.

John Fredericks, a news reporter with Real America’s Voice, has been working with True the Vote. See Steve Bannon’s 2.5 min. interview with Fredericks in the first video below, and then scroll down for an interview with Real America’s Voice journalist, Heather Mullins, who reveals how True the Vote investigators used cell phone pings and other forensic evidence to determine that individual ballot harvesters went from one drop box to multiple others, illegally dropping off ballots at each location.

When the post-JFK Democratic Party adopted Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky as its most revered political strategist, it embraced his “ends justify the means” election tactics, thus giving away the sense of honor it once had. The only issue Democrats have with election fraud is the fear of getting caught.


How the most important election in our lifetime was rigged

Gleeful that President Trump was finally driven from office by the implementation of massive mail-in voting in this pandemic election year, mainstream “journalists” are saying there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Really?

separate bag so they could be hand-stamped with a bogus Nov. 3 postmark. Watch:

How pervasive was ballot tampering by USPS supervisors in 2020?

Was the alleged USPS voter fraud in Michigan an isolated incident? Not according to a subsequent Project Veritas video, in which another USPS insider, this one in Erie, PA, said the following on Nov. 5:

“These ballots coming in today, tomorrow and yesterday are all supposed to be postmarked Nov. 3. We have to separate out the ballots and give them directly to the supervisor. They’re postmarking them [Nov. 3] … and taking them directly to the ballot box.” 

Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower Exposes Anti-Trump Postmaster’s Illegal Order To Back-Date Ballots

The next day, Nov. 6, yet another USPS insider, this one based in Coraopolis, PA, told Project Veritas that his supervisor ordered postal carriers to separate and turn in ballots postmarked after Election Day so the ballots could be sent to be counted. Illegal tampering of election ballots by USPS supervisors is clearly not an isolated occurrence.

2nd PA USPS whistleblower: Postmaster ordered late ballots picked up; thinks they will be BACKDATED

According to the Los Angeles times, the post office has become “a potent weapon” for the Democratic Party. Indeed it has. USPS has nearly 500,000 employees. The odds are off the charts that countless other Democrat postal supervisors committed voter fraud this year in every swing state and every swing district.

How pervasive was ballot tampering by USPS supervisors in 2020? We will never know. With Biden in the White House, the matter will be swept under the rug forever, and the mainstream media will bury the story, as it routinely does with any story that harms Democrats.

Thank you, Jesus! Democrat ballots magically appear out of nowhere

According to a news segment I heard on an Atlanta radio station, after reporting Nov. 5 that less than 20,000 mail-in votes remained to be counted—which would not be enough to overcome Trump’s 18,000-vote lead in Georgia—a heavily-Democrat county announced the following day that it had magically discovered boxes containing 55,000 uncounted ballots, more than enough to flip the state to Biden. How many of those suddenly discovered ballots were illegally filled out by Democrat ballot harvesters? We will never know. How many of those ballots were postmarked after Election Day and then fraudulently hand-stamped “Nov. 3” by corrupt USPS supervisors? We will never know.

Systemic voter fraud has become a staple of Democrat election strategy

I contend that what’s reported above is but the tip of a massive ice berg of systemic voter fraud carried out by Democrats in every election cycle. I do not say that to be inflammatory. I say it because I believe it’s true. Please allow me to justify that assertion.

Three weeks prior to the 2016 election, investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released video of an undercover sting in which high level Democrat operatives bragged about running a nationwide voter fraud operation financed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign:

  • “We’ve been busing in people [illegal voters] for 50 years and we’re not going to stop now.”
  • ”[We know] this is illegal.”
  • “I think backward from how they would prosecute us, and then try to build out a method to avoid [getting caught].”
  • “We implement the plan across every Republican-held state.”
  • ”[Our operation] causes massive changes in state legislatures and Congress.”
  • “Hillary knows what’s going on.”

If America had an honest press, Democrats would pay a steep price for rigging elections

One of the covert operatives caught in the Project Veritas sting is a longtime Democrat named Bob Creamer. Found guilty in 2005 of tax violations and bank fraud, Creamer in no fringe player in Democratic Party politics. Official visitor logs show the convicted felon visited the Obama White House 342 times, including 47 personal meetings with President Obama, a fact that was buried by the corrupt mainstream media when O’Keefe’s explosive exposé was released less than a month before the 2016 election.

Although Creamer was forced to resign after being caught on tape discussing his role in a nationwide voter fraud operation funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, the Democrat dirty tricks operative was honored with a front row seat at President Obama’s Farewell Address in January 2017.  Click here to see an NBC News screengrab of Creamer and his wife seated directly in front of the podium where President Obama spoke. In the Democratic Party, getting caught bragging about a nationwide voter fraud operation is worthy of being awarded the most coveted seat in the house.

Bottom line:

When a political party projects itself as morally superior to its opponents, hyper-partisans among its followers don’t have to be told to do whatever it takes to ensure its electoral success. The postal supervisors referred to above likely required little prodding. Ditto the election officials in Philadelphia who illegally denied access to Republican observers.

Under the radar election rigging by rank and file Democrats has become an acceptable practice within the party. When added to nationwide voter fraud operations funded by Democrat presidential campaigns and the Democratic National Committee, election rigging has become a systemic problem within the modern Democratic Party.

Since voter fraud occurs one ballot at a time, “proving” the existence of widespread voter fraud is difficult. The best proof is the adage Where there’s smoke there’s fire. As documented above, plenty of voter fraud smoke hovers in and around the Democratic Party. If America had an honest press, Democrats would pay a steep price for rigging elections.

Note: Postal workers with a story to tell are invited to confidentially share their experience with Project Veritas by email ( or phone (1-914-908-2900, press ‘1’ for tips).

©John Brownbill

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