VIDEO: The Media Isn’t Talking About The Americans Left Behind!

“I watched the news all morning today, and I am horrified to see very little mention of the Americans who are still in Afghanistan. This week, the last flight took off and we have thousands of Americans stranded.”

Watch Brigitte in this incredible interview discussing private citizens attempting to rescue Americans left behind in Afghanistan and more. ACT NOW! and call on Congress to leave no Americans behind. Watch:

Read this important article by Dr. Stephen Kirby providing important facts we need to know about the Afghan refugees arriving in America.

Bringing in Afghan Refugees with All of Their ‘Luggage’

By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

What’s not being talked about.

Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban and American forces are withdrawing.  As with such ventures, this has resulted in tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees fleeing their own country.  And as night follows day, this has also resulted in calls by many American individuals and organizations to bring in as many of those refugees as possible, because we “owe” it to the Afghans.

To hear such claims, one would think that these many thousands of refugees will immediately become part of America, sharing our values and ideas, and contributing to our communities.

What is not being talked about are the values, ideas, and culture those refugees are bringing with them.

In order to better understand the people many are calling to be brought in by the tens of thousands, let’s look at some considerations about the society from which these refugees are coming.

National Security

There are two national security issues that must be acknowledged.

First, a 2019 study found that 13% of Afghans had a lot of (4%) or a little (9%) sympathy for the Taliban.[1]  This means that for every 100,000 Afghan refugees brought into the United States, we could expect about 13,000 of them to have varying degrees of sympathy for the Taliban.

Then we need to take into consideration that 39% of Afghans think that “suicide bombing” in defense of Islam is often or sometimes justified.[2]  If we use the 4% number for those with a lot of sympathy for the Taliban, this means that out of every 100,000 Afghans we could have up to about 1,560 Afghans believing that “suicide bombing” could often be justified.[3]

Combining these two issues means we could be bringing in a potentially significant base of support for a jihadist group; and that base of support could include a large number willing to engage in jihadist attacks in the United States using explosives.

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EDITORS NOTE: This ACT For America column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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