The Killer COVID Vax, a Genocidal Bioweapon – Part 2

“Under international law, widespread or systematic attacks against the civilian population are crimes against humanity.” –  Philip Alston, Australian international law scholar and human rights practitioner.

“What connects two thousand years of genocide? Too much power in too few hands.” Simon Wiesenthal

“All I hope is that the American coalition is doing its best to prevent civilian casualties and the killing of innocent people.” – Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor

We are naïve if we think Nazi Germany cannot happen again.  In fact, the Bible predicts it will.  The Germans and even Hitler himself were all too human.  Read the atrocities around our world. It is clear that raw humanity is certainly not very pretty.  Evil held in check often erupts when the conditions are right.  When restraints are gone, when people are desperate, and when power is up for grabs, the human heart is laid bare for all to see.  We are seeing the Red Fascists rise again, this time in our own country. Few of our fellow Americans even recognize it. It is the face of evil, and it didn’t just start with COVID.

Shocking Stats

In a short clip from her White Coat Summit speech, Dr. Lee Merritt gives some frightening stats.  Dr. Merritt was a ten-year navy surgeon and she’s especially concerned regarding COVID inoculations of our military.

In 2020, there were only 20 Covid deaths of active duty, in all the services put together.  They have a big epidemiological base and can easily find out what’s going on.  The military is jabbing everyone, and they’ve already had tumors and 80 cases of myocarditis and it has a significant mortality rate of 66% in five years.  The “vaccine” program has ostensibly killed more active duty than COVID did.  Leukemia, another blood dyscrasia cancer, has 48 per year, but now VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, states we’re up to 229.  (Remember Harvard’s study that only one to ten percent of deaths or adverse effects are reported to VAERS.)  

In over 31 years, there were only 317 cases of myocarditis.  Now, after these inoculations, for 2021, there are 1,113. I can pick almost any diagnosis, and you will find the same issues after the clot shots have been administered. 

So, the question we have to ask is, why are we not stopping this?  We stopped many things for far less.  We stopped working on respiratory syncytial vaccine for 22 deaths of infants in hospital.  We stopped the H1NI after 53 deaths or 53 adverse events.  Now, we’re probably doing 53 a day, so why are we continuing these jabs? 

Experimental Subjects

In this second 30-minute interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, he states, “The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID inoculations are clearly called investigational vaccines and we are asking nurses, students, employees to be subjects in an experiment on humanity. This is a large phase-three trial of getting the shot for something we do not know the long-term side effects of down the road.  We usually don’t see side effects for two to five years.”

Dr. Cole said the shortages we’re experiencing in the medical industry are because people value their bodily integrity.  He looks at data and he’s already seeing the adverse effects from these shots in a laboratory setting.  Individuals are subjecting themselves to this jab in order to keep a job.

However, he states that they’re seeing young people, middle-aged people and old people refusing to take the shot and being told by their employers that they’ll make them cave.  Nurses have shared with Dr. Cole that this is the mantra of their administrations.  They don’t want their bodies damaged, their fertility damaged, their long-term immune health damaged and they don’t want to increase their risks for cancers.  He believes they’ll stand for their health and bodily integrity and that they have every right to do that and not be a subject in human experimentation through coercion.

The result will be huge staffing shortages.  Cole says he’s heard from Indiana and Michigan and the shortages have already started there and it’s going to be massive.  He adds that this is an attack on entire communities, their wellness and access to care.  It is a violation; we made a promise in 1947 after WWII that we would never again experiment on humanity or coerce anyone against their will, and literally this is what we’re seeing.  There were Nazi nurses and doctors hung for doing to humanity exactly what we’re doing now by saying, “You will participate in an experiment or else you will lose your job.”  Dr. Cole states, “We are taking away the freedom and sovereignty of people over their bodies and minds as well.”

“We’ve had three options this year.  We’ve had fear, suffering and “vaccine.” The real option is hope, early treatment and immune wellness.  We as a society have been subjected to a worse outcome because we haven’t focused on some of the basic public health messages.  We are a Vitamin D deficient nation, magnesium and Vitamin K as well.  We’re an obese nation, a metabolically unwell nation, and this has predisposed us to worse outcomes compared to other nations.”


The data out of India, where the Delta virus comes from, is statistically one-seventh of the western world.  Dr. Cole explains that all viruses acquire benevolent mutations over time, but scientists and physicians believe the Delta strain is the enhanced version of the Wuhan virus and it comes from the COVID injections. He tells us that in the UK right now there are about 15,000 break-thru cases a day in the “vaccinated” of the Delta variant.

Dr. Cole explains, “The reactions we’re seeing are from people who are getting the shot while they’re infected and then the antibodies formed are attacking the organs in your body.  Those who have also mounted an immunity against Sars-coV-2, if they get a shot, there are multiple risks of adverse reactions because they’ve already got antibody immunity.” The inoculations then put the system in a hyper-immune response negating the much stronger natural immunity.

In Israel, a recent study showed that break-thru cases in those who had already had Sars-coV-2 and natural immunity, verses those who had had the shot, showed that the recurrent infection rate in those who were naturally immune was .008% to reactivation of the virus.

The inoculated contracted Delta strain at a seven times higher rate than the naturally immune, clearly indicating that natural immunity is far stronger than vaccine immunity from a leaky vaccine.  This is not a sterilizing inoculation, it doesn’t give you immunity and you can still get COVID, and the CDC admits they’re not telling people that at least 25% of the jabbed are still transmitting the virus.  The CDC has even admitted that 23% of the people in hospital in June were “vaccinated.”

Cole says we’re playing a whack-a-mole game with leaky inoculations, and trying to force people into an experiment with investigational injections for a virus from a year ago.  We need to focus on early treatment and it’s widely available, it’s cheap and it’s generic.  That’s why it’s not approved because if there were a treatment for this virus, they cannot have authorization for these “vaccines.”  About page three in the vax authorization, it states clearly that you cannot authorize this investigational “vaccine” if there is an effective therapy for the virus. And we know there is, and it is being purposely withheld from the public.

Weakened Immune Systems

The FDA failed in explaining the absolute risk reduction (ARR); it literally takes 120 injected patients to decrease symptoms in one patient.  And of those 120, how many are going to end up with auto-immune diseases down the road, and how many are going to end up with cancers?  We don’t know, but what Dr. Cole says they’re seeing in the labs is a decrease in T-cells that protect our bodies from invaders.  The innate immune system is being destroyed by these injections.  In other words, the very marines in your body that fight off outside attacks are being destroyed.

This is why healthy children at a rate of 100% have not gotten this virus.  Their innate T-cell immunity response has two to three times the immunity of an adult T-cell immune response.  They have two to three times the little grenades that blow up the invaders.

But what Dr. Cole and others are seeing in the laboratories after people get these shots, they’re seeing a locked in profile of these T-cells, it’s a total drop in the effectivity of the T-cells.  In labs, they’re seeing an uptick of Herpes viruses, shingles, mono, a huge uptick in human papilloma virus, 20 times increase in adults of a bumpy rash that children can sometimes get, that these T-cells keep in check.  Since January, Cole has seen a 20% increase in endometrial cancers for the year.  He’s also seeing invasive melanomas in younger patients.  It’s normal to catch those early and they’re thin melanomas, but these are thick and they’re skyrocketing in the last month or two.

These early symptoms show that we are modifying the immune system to a weakened state.  A great study out of Germany looked at these profiles on young individuals after the Pfizer jabs, showing this locked in lowered immune system.  Cole adds, “We don’t know that it won’t regenerate and those ratios will go back up, but who is studying it and where are the long-term trials?”  The concerning patterns are there.

In the Pfizer application to the FDA, the fertility rate was decreased by 16%.  Rats are one of the most fertile creatures on planet earth and they were used in animal testing before humans became the guinea pigs.  This is an indication that we need to be hyper-cautious about what we’re doing.  It’s a violation of all medical ethics.  It is pure malfeasance.

Dr. Cole believes that at some point his medical colleagues may wake up from their stupor and trance and reflect upon the harm that they’re doing upon humanity.  We have never before said, “Let’s vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic.”  We are doing something that is anti-science, science is hypothesizing, theorizing, testing, succeeding, failing, taking the theory and hypothesis and remodifying it until it succeeds.

The oath to “do no harm” means no psychological, physical or financial harm to a patient.  Dr. Cole is calling out his colleagues in these administrations and health systems and telling them they are violating their oaths.  He wants people treated immediately, not sent home until a week later their lips turn blue and they’re sent to the hospital, put on a ventilator, a little bit of oxygen, and a weak steroid. (It should be strong steroids to defeat the inflammation.)

Early Treatment Protocols Avoided

According to Dr. Peter McCullough, none of our major academic institutions innovated with a single protocol for treatment.  In fact, to his knowledge, not a major single academic center, as an institution, attempted to even treat patients with COVID-19.

Dr. McCullough is the editor of two peer-reviewed journals and the senior associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology.  When he saw the fraudulent Lancet Medical Journal article attacking the 65-year-old safe and cheap drug, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), he was incensed.

McCullough comments, “A doctor from Harvard, the company Surgisphere who had data, the reviewers at Lancet, and the editor and associate editor of Lancet…how could they have all colluded together to publish a falsified paper?”

When Dr. McCullough looked at the paper, he knew in two seconds it was fake. Lancet let this fraudulent paper be on their website for two weeks, frightening the entire world against HCQ, which is one of the safest and widely utilized treatments in COVID-19. Lancet never apologized for their deceptive publication. Every government and independent medical organization went with the bogus claim that HCQ was dangerous and outlawed its use.  People died…needlessly.

Dr. McCullough’s interpretation of this is that it was very, very intentional.  What happened with ivermectin in the ICU was also intentional and an act of collusion.  Dr. Jean-Jacque Rajter of Broward County Florida, pioneered using ivermectin in the ICU and saved hundreds of patients.  His wife, Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter, published the overall results in Chest Journal with using ivermectin.

Life Saving Protocols

They are afraid to look at the protocols of the frontline care docs at These are some of the premier critical care doctors in the world.  They have protocols that are saving patients 70, 80, 90% more than in the hospitals right now. Hospitals are following the government, the NIH, the CDC, and the FDA with their very weak protocols.  Dr. Cole says it’s time for those in the hospitals to catch up to the protocols that are far more successful in saving lives.  Ivermectin is even on the WHO’s list of most essential safest drugs necessary for humanity, and the hospital protocols won’t even try them. These docs say, “Well, I need a randomized controlled placebo trial,” which takes years, but Dr. Cole says, “Look, it’s just a sugar pill if it doesn’t work, and if it does work, you’ve saved your patient.”

Out of 19,000 patients and studies on ivermectin and 26-29 randomized control trials, there’s a one in four-quadrillion chance statistically that this molecule doesn’t have a chance of improving the outcome in Sar-coV-2.  The Gold Standard meta-analysis in medicine is to have several small trials, add them all up and look at the statistics.  The Gold Standard meta-analytically down out of five nations shows that ivermectin works against Sars-coV-2, given early, given late you decrease that rate by 67-68%, given early you decrease the death rate by 88-96%.

Ivermectin is endorsed for Afghan refugees by our CDC, but Americans are being told by our Pravda media that it is an animal anti-parasitic and not for humans.

The FDA stop valve for approving a vaccine is at 25 deaths.  Leo Hohman’s latest article exposes the fact that the CDC is not reporting actual deaths from the jab.  The true data is far higher than most believe.

COVID is Survivable

COVID is a survivable virus and we’re not getting that message.  Again, if the jabs were approved, they would have to be pulled from the market for the number of deaths. The push to vaccinate children needs to be left alone, they survived this at 100%, but the injections will hurt them.  We are seeing a 200% increase in inflammation of the heart in young men, and once your heart is damaged, it’s damaged for a lifetime.  It does not rejuvenate as some other organs do.

Dr. Cole says, “Don’t let your child near these shots.  We don’t know any of the long-term effects of these injections.  Any university that is mandating this for their students is criminal. These young healthy individuals are at no risk from death from this virus.  We have treatments and we’re ruining the health of a generation and killing them as well.  It is unethical, a violation of all morality let alone medical ethics. This is immoral. Step back and look at the data.”

Health Impact News reports that COVID shots are killing and crippling teens in record numbers…and our young children are next.  Beside fetal deaths, breastfeeding babies are dying and becoming sick following mother’s COVID jabs.

Clot Shot Antibodies

Dr. Cole calls the Delta variant a lie.  For the majority of people who are healthy and well, it’s turning into what all viruses turn into overtime, a common cold.  He says that in order to keep your job, one of the side effects of this jab is death.  That’s not moral or ethical.  He calls the Delta variant a scariant because they’re 99.7-99.8% the same virus and a benevolent mutation.  It’s weakening and not killing people at a higher rate.

If you’ve had COVID and recovered, your antibodies are great, and they’re forever, but if you got them from the COVID injections, they are your enemy.  Test animals injected with a spike protein vax, form antibodies, an immune response.  However, when they were exposed to wild type virus down the road, a high percentage of them died very quickly.  When you prime someone with an antibody that is not good, they die.  He says, “Sit back with the popcorn because we’re going to be seeing something horrific immunologically happening to the population down the road.”

Religious Convictions

We have an horrific track record with coronavirus vaccines.  There’s a reason the FDA never let Sars-coV-1 or MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) vaccines come to market.  Every time, they saw the signals and said, “This is too dangerous for humanity.”  This virus is the same as Sars-coV-1, so why do they not have the same mindset now?  We know how horrifically Sars-coV-1 and MERS failed, and now without long-term safety data, we’re pushing forward an investigational vaccine on a population without knowing those long-term signals.  It’s a crime against humanity.

If you’ve had Sars-coV-2 you have a broader immunity than anyone who has gotten the jab.  You have antibodies against the spike, the envelope, the membrane, nucleo caps. You have hundreds of antibodies compared to dozens from the jab.  You have a broader immunity.

There are plenty of people with underlying health conditions and this shot is contraindicated for them and there are protocols for their protection.

Many people have religious convictions and under the civil rights act, you cannot be questioned on your religious convictions.  You have a right to refuse based on religious grounds.

Pfizer and Moderna don’t contain aborted fetal cells, but were developed on aborted fetal cells and were proved and processed on aborted fetal cells.  J&J is grown on aborted fetal cells and may contain human DNA as well as human protein per their application to the FDA.  J&J has human fetal DNA in it

For many of us that matters, so there’s another religious argument.  Number one natural immunity, number two underlying health conditions that would contraindicate the jab, and number three on religious grounds or on moral and ethical grounds alone.  Those three should be an exemption.

Good News

The Idaho Republican state central committee voted unanimously for a resolution to end mandatory jabs in their state.  Dr. Ryan Cole lives and practices in Idaho.

World Net Daily reports that resistance against the experimental jabs is growing.  Spread the word, keep the last of our people from being experimental guinea pigs.

Dr. Cole tells us, “You need to speak out, you need to stand up, there are those of us fighting this insanity, but you need to join us.  We’re banning together.  Moral ethics are being thrown out the window for something we don’t know the long-term outcomes for. It is an absurdity.”


The Nazis in Nuremberg stated they were only following the” laws of the land,” and that their own legal system protected them.  Even Adolph Eichmann said, “I was simply following the laws of war and my flag.”

Romans 13:1-14 tells believers to “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”  Paul belabored the point that we are to be at peace and submit ourselves to governing authorities since all authority comes from God.

Judeo-Christians believe in the one true God and know that abortion is evil and against God’s law.  We battle this evil, despite it being the law of the land.

In Egypt, the midwives refused to murder the newborn Jewish babies, lied to Pharoah and allowed them to live…against his edicts.

According to the Book of Joshua, Rahab, a woman who lived in Jericho in the Promised Land, assisted the Israelites in capturing the city by hiding two men who had been sent to scout the city prior to their attack, against the law of the land. She knew these two men were God’s people and she ultimately took her place with righteous converts.

When the law of the land contradicts God’s command, we are to disobey the law of the land and obey God’s law.  We are again at that precipice.

Make your choice.

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

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