King Biden – The American Self Proclaimed Insane Monarch.

Late Thursday afternoon, our chief lunatic escaped his bonds and appeared before his serfs and subjects from the basement asylum that he is kept in and mandated new China Covid Virus mandates for America!!

Listen to me carefully – any government that is going to the dictatorial lengths that this one is to push something, trust me, it is not for your benefit or good nor for the country as a whole.

King Biden seems to be under a spell that he is now God! Or made to look and feel like God as he continues being Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett tame pet idiot.

He is usurping his power and making sweeping regulations that he has no right to do. This whole China virus episode has been about government overstep. They have walked, nay, trodden all over the constitution and our constitutional rights and we have allowed it.

What the heck is wrong with you all?

Why are we not in the streets protesting?

Why are we not uniting against this extreme tyranny?

Why are we not just refusing to go along with this crap and instead act like good little lemmings leaping off a cliff following the piper?

When did we become so downtrodden as a nation?

America. In case you haven’t got the picture yet I am not a happy American. I did not ‘legally’ immigrate in October 1994 to this awesome country to be a slave – yes, slave – to the demands of leftist extremists, America haters and criminal dictators and their Nazi tactics and propaganda.

I thought I had left all that behind.

I thought I was coming to the land of freedom, the home of the brave. It appears not so much.

So now we have a Federal Government, run by a leadership that fraudulently stole the election, telling companies that if they have 100 employees or more, they must mandate their employees are vaccinated or test them weekly at their cost although they can pass those costs to the employees that refuse, rightly so, to take that pathetic lie they call a vaccine. The one that was one shot, then two, now three, possibly rising up from there, that doesn’t stop you getting the China virus or passing it on or dying from it. God knows how many more variants they will conjure up. Hmmmm… postal ballots fir 2022 come to your mind anyone? Another stolen election? If I had a company with 100+ employees I would lay off the excess or possibly break the company up.

In Biden’s pre written by his handlers words comes this gem. “We’ve been patient,” Biden told the millions of Americans who have declined to get coronavirus shots. “But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

His patience? Screw him and his patience. He and his ilk long ago wore my patience wafer thin. They have driven at least 80 million of us to where we are now. Frustrated. Looking at an uncertain future and possible civil war or a breakup of the union.

The non stop attacks on the right of this country are obviously aimed at further dividing this nation. They are attempting to creat a race war to cover their bases too. Add to that the successful so far continued destruction of our standing in the eyes of other nations and the total collapse of our border security plus our absolutely disgraceful pull out of Afghanistan and they may get their wish. All I can say to these traitors and leftist extremists is be careful what you wish for. We are not going to take it much longer.

Approximately 2/3rds of all US workers will now face a decision if they are not vaccinated. They can quit which is not functional for many, they can put this dangerous unknown and untested vaccine in their bodies or they will have to pay every week to be tested. Price unknown.

Just over 53% of Americans able to be vaccinated have been. Therefore using math taught to me before common core, 47% have not.

If any hospital or institution gets Medicaid or Medicare funding ( tax payer money by the way) then his new mandate orders 100% of the workers get vaccinated. No option to test weekly.

Now, I know – well, I pray, that these dictatorial mandates will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court and therefore take a long time before they can actually be implemented. At that time, with luck, America will have voted and removed the New Socialist Democratic Party’s hold in the House and this stupidity and federal overreach can be reversed.

The U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will write the rules and regulations and enforce them and companies not complying will face federal fines of $14,000 per case or violation.

Federal workers will be mandated to have the vaccine or lose their jobs and pensions if not fully vested. There will be no option to test weekly for them. The Dept. of Defense, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service and the National Institute of Health will complete implementation of their previously announced vaccination requirements that cover 2.5 million people. No choice. No options. Inject that extremely profitable for the drug companies concoction into your blood stream or become unemployed.

Several Trades Unions have come out against mandatory vaccinations for their members and will hopefully join las suites against these unconstitutional mandates. Unions like Service Employee International Union who covers hospital and health workers to police and firefighter unions have come out against the mandates. This huge federal overreach is also being challenged by some GOP members and many conservatives. One of them, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has stated her legal team is standing by to file a challenge to these dictatorial and unconstitutional mandates. I am sure many other red states will follow.

These Commies in the WH think that we believe that our economy and way of life will only improve once everyone is vaccinated. I call BS. As soon as we reach herd immunity, ie, when the majority have caught Covid and got natural immunity, we can. I say we could anyway because neither this fraudulent administration nor any prior or subsequent administration, has the right or power to have done what they have so far and we allowed. Destroyed the most vibrant economy in the world, ruined millions of lives and jobs, companies, landlords being controlled and told when to open, close etc. When they can get their rent or evict non paying renters. They, the Federal, State, County and City/Town administrations have no right to do any of that.

Sniffer Joe Biden, the mentally incompetent crime boss also is attempting to make stadiums, theaters, arenas etc. insist on seeing proof of vaccine or testing everyone prior to their entrance!!

All this while the WH has admitted it cannot mandate vaccinations.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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