On 9/11 I met up with friends, new and old, family and fellow American folk at the courthouse steps in Clearwater for a patriotic flag waving to commemorate 9/11. There was a good size crowd. It was not a pro Trump rally. It was for 9/11. ( It is true that the majority wished Trump was in our White House! )

We came from many groups, old tea party patriots, former military, current military, retired and serving LEO, Oathkeepers, The Proud Boys, The III%ers plus patriots galore and Bikers for Trump. We were all there to remember 9/11 regardless of political affiliations. Surely you would think that Democrats and Republicans could come together over that one event in our history. About 75% to 80% of cars going by waved and hooted their horns but we got a good few middle finger salutes and rude gesticulations. Why?? Ignorance? Hatred? Fear? Hatred of the American flag. ( There were lots of them but there is a train of thought among the woke that those of us holding and revering the Stars and Stripes means we are racist and right wing extremists. ) A combination of all and more? Strange how a lot of cars with northern ‘blue state’ tags ignored or told us we were number 1! Do all northerners and Democrats use the middle finger to tell you that you are number one? Just asking for a friend. As that friend says, “welcome to Florida! Now go home!”

We were also informed by a petty and obviously small minded possibly Democrat minded security guard to not stand on the Court upper pavement. (He was the same one that called police on us at a previous rally held there. Didn’t go anywhere by the way!) I at once loudly and vociferously complained and informed him that the Court house belonged to we, the people and tax payers of Pinellas county and not the county commissioners or their lackeys. His salary was also covered by we, the people as tax payers of this county. I asked him if BLM were protesting would he have moved them? He told me he was just doing his job and I informed him so were the Germans as they led the Jews to their deaths. He walked away muttering but defeated and I stood my ground. A small victory but a victory.

I also met up with Paul Hodgkins, 38, the first January 6th protestor at the Capitol building to be sentenced by a political activist, oath breaking so called Judge. ( District Judge Randolph Moss, a Barrack Hussein Obama appointed judge.) He was about to go surrender himself in at the federal prison in Miami to begin his incredibly unjust 8 month sentence as a political prisoner. His crime? It was horrendous. Wait for it …….He had a Trump flag and was in the Capitol building taking pictures. An obvious domestic terrorist. Lol. No prior criminal record. Not even a parking ticket. No probation for him. Nope! Prison time. ( I have enclosed a link to his story at the bottom of this blog for those who have not followed it. ) I have copied and pasted some of that sorry assed judges words here:

District Judge Randolph Moss called literally waving the flag for Trump an unmistakable sign of loyalty to a single person rather than the country and democracy.


“Although Mr. Hodgkins was only one member of a larger mob, he actively and intentionally participated in an event that threatened not only the security of the Capitol but democracy itself,” Moss said. “That is chilling, for many reasons.”

HUH??? Chilling??? What’s chilling here is a politically motivated leftist Judge who rules per his politics and not the constitution. Chills me to the bone Judge Moss.

Anyone agree with his words? I hope not. That Judge is a disgrace and should resign but won’t.

If any of you want to contribute to our political prisoner financially let me know and I will arrange it. I plan on visiting him while he serves his unconstitutional sentence.

After the event my wife and I went to the local mall. I was shocked that you could count on one hand the number of people wearing anything even resembling patriotic clothing. Remember. This is 9/11!!! It was as if that horrendous event had never happened. Everyone was just walking round laughing and joking as if 9/11 had never happened. America. That was wrong of each and every one of them and offensive to me.

America. I fear for our future. I fear for our kids futures. What sort of nation have we become? We just buckle under petty dictatorship and non constitutional decrees and mandates and move around like freaking lemmings or sheep doing as we are told??? Wearing our masks. Social distancing. Closing our businesses down. Allowing forced vaccinations. Shaming fellow citizens. Living in fear.

We are supposed to be Americans. You know – from the land of the free and living in the home of the brave. Start acting like it or lose your country and everything you value.

Looking at all the above? Let me tell you all right now and here. Loud and clear.

Not this American.

I am tired. I will not buckle down to any type of tyrant or non common sense unconstitutional decrees or regulations or anything else of that type. I have lived and travelled and fought for my freedom and nobody is going to break me or force my subjugation to their leftist ideology. I will continue using my first amendment rights, believing in my second amendment rights. I will continue going to church. I will protest abortion. I will not use ‘woke’ speech. I do not care about thin skinned people. I do not care too much about their sensitivities. I do not care to recognize the extreme but common place LGBTQI enforced agenda. Nor the domestic terror group BLMs agenda. I do not like Islam. I do not like socialists. I do not like marxists. I do not like communists. I will not vaccinate. I will not wear a mask. I will not social distance. I will not elbow bump. I will not fist bump. I will always extend my hand for a firm handshake and will always look you in the eyes to get your true measure. If you cannot meet me the same way – screw you. Sorry but there it is. Hmmm… not sorry!

I love America though. It is my home. I love it deeply. With a deep passion. I know where I come from. I know what I have seen. I know what I have lost. I fought and lost. I know what is probably coming. I will not stand idly by and watch it. Not while I have a breath in my old body.

If we do not get up off our collective derrière and begin fighting back against the petty rules and the tyrannical rule of this federal government run by a crook, a traitor, a pervert, a mentally challenged fraud and obvious Satanist who goes by the name of Joe Biden, orchestrated by an evil racist and definitive traitor Hussein Obama and Valerie Jarrett, we will lose our Constitutional Republic for ever. That which goes never returns. Liberties and freedoms being stolen daily will never be given back.

Time is running out for America. What do you want to do? Surrender or fight? Tell me. We will find the right leadership. They are among us. Everywhere. Trained and ready. Just open your eyes. Listen.

We have God and we have right on our side.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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