How Much More Are You Going to Take?

This morning I saw the news that our local hospital has shut down its maternity ward, due to multiple healthcare professionals quitting — rather than being forced to get an experimental injection!

They have bills to pay, a family to support — yet they have said: enough! Kudos to these brave, principled people, some of whom have resigned from a position that they have been involved with for decades.

How about the rest of us? At what point do we say that we’re not going to take it any more?

It seems like most citizens will tolerate a loss of their rights and freedoms, if it is done gradually — like slowly turning up the temperature of a pot with a lobster in it.

Most citizens have already looked the other way about innumerable recent liberty extractions:

  • like a state mandating that wind energy must provide 30% of the electricity. What happened to the free market?
  • like the federal government demanding adherence to “climate change” policies. What happened to real Science?
  • like universities forcing “woke” propaganda into the curriculum. What happened to critical thinking?
  • like the Attorney General attempting to block forensic election audits. What happened to election integrity?
  • like governments requiring that certain citizens must get an experimental injection. What happened to our body, our choice?
  • etc., ad nauseam.

When is enough, enough?

Maybe it’s when we realize that there is a pattern here, and that these are not random abuses.

Maybe it’s when we realize that the direction these are taking is towards Communism.

Maybe it’s when we realize that the only power that governments, etc. have, is what we have voluntarily granted them.

Maybe it’s when we realize that by tolerating these abuses, that it’s perceived as compliance and weakness — which invites more injustices.

Maybe it’s when we realize that good people are in the majority — and that working intelligently together, we can defeat these assaults on our rights.

Maybe it’s when we realize that we need to collectively and aggressively push back against these attacks on our freedoms.

Let’s start drawing some lines in the sand.

How about we begin with the unscientific FDA COVID-19 drug approval process involving Remdesivir and Ivermectin?

That issue may sound obscure, but it is that corrupted process —> that then illegally allowed experimental injections —> which led to subsequent mandates, etc., etc.  (For details see these two Reports (here and here),

Plus this powerful video.

Fix the FDA drug approval process, and the rest of the unscientific COVID-19 policies fall like a house of cards!

One way to fix it is to personally sue the FDA individuals whose negligence allowed this debacle to happen.

To pull this off, dedicated volunteers are needed!

(E.g., to coordinate this effort, to send information to social media, to research contact information for sympathetic media, to research contact information for like-minded organizations, to set up a fund-raising campaign, attorneys to prosecute, etc.)

It’s your life and your choice as to when you have had enough. Hope it’s not too late.

©John Droz, Jr., Ph.D.

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