Black White Supremacist Slave Governors – Huh?

California’s recall vote is today.  The leading Republican candidate Larry Elder, who happens to be black, was recently called a white supremacist by one of the speakers at a Gavin Newsom rally.   Welcome to the fantasyland of the Left where men can give birth and black people can be white supremacists, even if they’re violently assaulted by radical white Leftists wearing insulting monkey masks as Elder recently was.  Hold certain attitudes and you are no longer black, the thinking goes.  This is obviously crazy.  People who hold these beliefs should seek professional help.

So should the people who believe slavery still exists in America today, like it was 1861 or something.  They’re now using the term ‘slavery’ very loosely to make their phony case, sweeping in all kinds of stuff that isn’t slavery, like blacks not doing as well economically as whites, on average.  Nice try, but that’s not slavery.

Real slavery really does exist in the world today, and that’s one of the points made by Candace Owens in a recent video for PragerU.  She is a conservative black and, therefore, a white supremacist, so says the delusional Left.   At least 700,000 people are enslaved in Africa today, Owens says, subjected to forced labor and human trafficking.    Slavery today is practiced almost exclusively in non-white countries, she goes on to say.

Her video makes other excellent points about slavery, taking down the persistent lie slavery is just a white thing.  The history of slavery goes back at least 5,000 years to Egypt where slaves built the pyramids.  It continued in ancient Greece and Rome, and was a big part of life in many parts of the world.   There is a long history of Muslims enslaving white people.  Blacks were sold into slavery in Africa by other black people.

If truth be told, whites were the first to end slavery, starting with England in 1833, followed by France, then the 13th Amendment in the United States in 1865.

If Larry Elder is elected today, will he be the first slave Governor of California, or the first black white supremacist Governor, or both?  That’s what happens when the Left spins too many narratives and trips over them.   I’m getting confused, but I’m sure the Left can straighten it all out for me.  They’re so clever with words.

EDITORS NOTE: This The Daily Skirmish column is republished withe permission. ©All rights reserved.

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