VIDEO: Hospital Administrators CAUGHT ON CAMERA Scheming to Fabricate Covid Numbers

from Natural News in an article titled “Hospital administrators CAUGHT ON CAMERA scheming to fabricate covid numbers and SCARE the public” reports:

When the covid plandemic first began in early 2020, I remember thinking (at first) there’s no way this could be fake because hospital administrators and doctors wouldn’t fake covid death numbers or falsely try to scare people through deception.

Boy was I wrong.

Since the early days of the plandemic, we’ve learned that hospitals routinely “fake” covid numbers and very often claim to be overrun with covid patients, even when their beds are nearly empty. Many hospital administrators, doctors and nurses are in on the scam and seem to be ready and willing to deceive the public by fabricating covid numbers and literally killing patients to pump up the covid “death” numbers.

Now, we have proof of all this caught on a zoom video.

[ … ]

This stunning video is an open exhibit revealing that hospitals have become psychological terrorism organizations that deliberately use psy-op tactics to terrorize the public. Is this the proper role of hospitals and doctors in society? When did hospital administrators decide that the ends justify the means, even if it requires terrorizing the public to gin up more business so they can bill Medicare for even more profits?

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