Biden’s Damndest Disasters So Far . . .

Well Joe Biden has been in the Oval Office since January 20th, 2021. We are now into the 9th month of his administration. Each day we the people are seeing more onerous government overreach. The ideals of  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being replaced with do as I mandate or else!

What  Biden Hasn’t done for America?

Here’s a list of what we call Biden’s Dammed Blunders. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments section, if you wish.

  1. The Afghanistan Disaster. Biden has done his best to leave Afghanistan in such a mess that even our staunched allies are abandoning him.
  2. The Vaccine Mandate Disaster. Biden’s vaccine mandate has inflamed the people who are now striking back at his unconstitutional power grab. Over half of state governors are looking to stop his mandate.
  3. The Economic Disaster. Inflation is on the rise. When Trump was president regular gasoline was at $2 a gallon. Under Biden it has risen to $3 a gallon. People are beginning to feel the pinch.
  4. Tax and Spend Ongoing Disaster. The Democrats in Congress, with the encouragement of Biden and his handlers, are doing everything they can to tax and spend at historic levels.
  5. The Undoing Everything Trump Did Disasters. Biden from day one undid President Trump’s executive orders and by doing so has made America less safe, less prosperous and less democratic. We are fast approaching a dictatorship.
  6. The Biden is a Laughing Stock Disaster. Biden has made himself, and with it his office, a laughing stock on the international stage. His policies in the Middle East have empowered our enemies (e.g. the Taliban, al Qaeda and Iran) and put in jeopardy our allies including NATO, Israel and other friendly gulf nations.
  7. Destroying America’s Energy Independence Disaster. Biden has gone full tilt green. Biden and Democrats have fully embraced the Green New Deal and are working to destroy our ability to be energy independent. It started with the canceling of the Keystone pipeline and continues to this day.
  8. The Immigration Disaster. Biden has made immigrating Afghans a priority, without vetting them a properly, over extracting American citizens from Kabul. The same goes for illegals crossing our Southern border. No vetting, no testing for Covid and other diseases.
  9. The Ongoing Border Disaster. The Southern border crisis coincided with the inauguration of Biden and continues to this day. Illegal aliens are flooding the Southern border and Biden is doing nothing to stop it. This means that illegals are getting more and more benefits and care that American citizens.
  10. The Woke Military Disaster. Biden and his Department of Defence has gone on a woke offensive. They are targeting those who are white and support the U.S. Constitution. Wokeism is the new normal in our military, degrading our war fighting capabilities to become more “inclusive.”
  11. The National Security Disaster. The only security under Biden is to protect our enemies (i.e. Iran) and harm our allies particularly Israel. National security is not a priority for Biden and his handlers. Biden’s priority is controlling the American people.
  12. Biden’s Damn Lies. Biden promised to unite Americans but his actions have divided us. Biden and his spokespersons are pushing the big lies of Covid, vaccines, white supremacy and it’s all Trumps fault. And the media is not only encouraging these lies but is actively supporting each and every one.
  13. Biden’s Dammed Dementia. It is clear that Biden is not mentally up to the challenges of being president. He is heavily scripted and given only the words that his handlers approve for him. He is not spontaneous and certainly not clever. If anything Biden is at best a puppet and at worst a very sick man.
  14. Biden’s Actions Speak Louder Than His Damn Words. Biden makes promises and then fails to meet or keep those promises or worse does the exact opposite of what he promised. The people are now seeing the impact of his actions and they have lost confidence and trust in him and his administration.
  15. The Abortion Damnation. Biden claims to be a Catholic but fully supports abortion for any reason. The Catholic Church is absolutely anti-abortion.
  16. That Damn Second Amendment. Biden is, like the Democrat Party, against the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Disarming citizens is a key step toward a totalitarian state.


Actions always speak louder than words and promises kept are more important than promises made.

During his inaugural address President Trump stated:

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.

[ … ]

What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country, will be forgotten no longer.

Biden said the following during his inaugural address:

This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward.

Which President told the truth? Which President by his actions has kept his promise?

Trump kept his promise to insure that the people became the rulers of America, again. Biden, by his own actions, has shown that it is his way or the highway, the American people be damned.

Are you as an individual, or America as a nation, better off today under Biden than you were under President Trump?

I think not.

We have just over three more years of Biden. Heaven forbid!

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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  1. Royal A Brown
    Royal A Brown says:

    Re #10 – The Woke Military Disaster – there is more to this as follows:

    1. Biden and his SOD Austin ordered a 60 day standown of all military to ferret out so called “extremists” and eliminate them from the military; however their real meaning of “extremists” includes law abiding, high performing personnel who were/are Trump supporters and/or have constitutional conservative values. This witch hunt is ongoing and will impact on promotions in the military as well as enlistments, re-enlistments and.; in the case of officers, forced resignations or retirements.

    2. Medical tyranny in the form of foreced COVID 19 vaccinations which if refused can result in Court Martials under Article 92 of UCMJ.

    3. Continued use of Rules of Engagement for combatants overseas the favor the enemy such has occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    4. Forced teaching of Marixt Critical Race Theory to military personnel.

    5. Misuse of our military in both domestic situations and foreign policy decisions such as recent National Guard deployments to Washington DC to guard against a mythical threat by domestic terrorists (which did not exist and has not materialized); pulling out of Afghanistan in a purely planned and organized manner resulting in the death of 13 Marines, etc.

    6. Negative impacts on good order and discipline of accepting LGBTQxyz devients into the military including paying for transgender sex change operations.

    7. Social Engineering resulting in change in Priorities/Critical missions other than ability to deploy and combat readiness/warfighting brought on by over emphasis on climate change as the #1 threat to national security; opening up all positions including direct combat positions to women; long maternity leave policies; emphasis on masculine toxnicity vs warrior ethos; lowering of standards for specialty schooling like Rangers, Special Forces, Force Recon including Physical Fitness Standards.

    • Eunice M Buchanan
      Eunice M Buchanan says:

      Thank you both great facts, now we have to like my husband pointed out get the message out there. We are going down fast not sure how to fix things like our broken Medical from mandates, and over 2 million by year’s end illegals coming into the US illegally.. getting free medical and bringing in God knows what kind of diseases. I just heard yesterday that there were cases of the plague?

  2. Robert r Mellinkoff
    Robert r Mellinkoff says:

    I am going to share this everywhere. It makes me physically ill to read these truthful and amazing articles and no one responds. Wake Up America Thank You

    I had over 20,000 members until FB closed me down 8 months ago. I gave up but I am back and I will never give up this man is a monster and there are many other words to describe him. God help us all

  3. Jim Coles
    Jim Coles says:

    President* Biden is a wholly owned property of America’s worst enemies; some of whom are resident in the US.
    We, as a nation … as a people … are not on the road to a dictatorship unless we fold & capitulate to insane & destructive policies promulgated by those forces that hate us & our liberty.
    Passive-aggrrssive resistance to anything done by the current mis-administration must become the new normal.


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