Maricopa County Canvass Report — Prepare to be “STUNNED!”

Step by step the examination of the 2020 vote, at least in Maricopa County, Arizona, makes clear that absolute fraud occurred removing President Trump from office. There are many who still hold the belief no voter irregularity occurred. That is their right, but pain staking work has been accomplished to at least determine if significant irregularities did occur in the last election, and could those irregularities be corrected so there exists no doubt about the integrity of our electoral process moving forward. Yet there are those regardless of political affiliation who see even that exercise as a waste of time, not necessary, political theatre, grand-standing or at the least sour grapes over a legitimate election loss.

Final Election 2020 Grassro… by Jim Hoft

The Maricopa County Canvass Report will provide you with more ammunition regardless of which side you proclaim. You may also wish to consider the following from the partial findings of the Formal Forensic Evaluation submitted to the Arizona State Senate (the Final Forensic Report of Findings is to follow shortly, and has been submitted to the Senate for review).

  • 168,000 on-demand ballots were ordered on election day – this alone goes against a Court Order that no one was permitted to vote if not registered on or prior to October 15th.
  • 3,981 individuals did vote but were registered after the court order previously stated.
  • 18,000 votes were removed from voting rolls after voting.
  • 74,293 mail-in ballots with no clear indication as to who was the proper and legal registered voter were found.
  • 11,326 people did not show up on voter rolls on November 7th, but appeared on December 4th.

The Maricopa County voting system was not properly maintained or secure, and the anti-virus systems were not updated since August 2019. There was tremendous vulnerability at forensic examination. The Maricopa County Supervisors did finally come forth and reverse all their statements about voting integrity and security stating a breach did occur to the server, but this acknowledgement came in January 2021, well after the election. Likewise thru public records examination the election process was compromised, and discovered that the Registration Server had been breached. Furthermore, it was demonstrated for forensic examination purposes that it only took 10-minutes to breach and access the voting system.
Another major revelation upon full forensic examination showed that Maricopa County Officials did not have access to the voting machines, did not have the passwords to access, nor had they been able to access in any manner – only Dominion had access to their own machines. At forensic examination it was shown that on February 5th, 37,646 requests for passwords on the voting machines were made by four users, and all of this occurred during one day.

In November of 2020, days after the election, Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem sought answers, especially after a Maricopa Superior Court allowed for a random sample of ballots to prove authenticity of said ballots. It was shown that from 100 random ballots 6% were considered a “highly unlikely match” which equated to a possible 199,980 highly questionable votes. Biden won Arizona by only 10,457 votes. Thus began the quest to get to the bottom of questions brought by hundreds of citizens, and quickly reaching into the thousands, who demanded answers. A Joint Legislative Public Hearing was held on November 30, 2020, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona where Mayor Giuliani brought subject-matter specialists and constitutional attorney specialist, Jenna Ellis to appear before the Joint Legislative Committee over a ten hour day of testimony and evidence. While many elected officials in both parties still refused to acknowledge a problem, painfully slowly a case was made for a complete and formal forensic evaluation with the findings made public through the Arizona Senate. By God’s grace this has been accomplished, and we now wait for the full and complete Formal Forensic Report of Findings.

If, what I believe will be forthcoming happens, we will see a new dimension appear to the highly questionable November 2020 Election. The new dimension will be a proven fraud of the election in at least Maricopa County, Arizona, which will lead to the question of “Decertifying the Election for President of the United States” in at least the Great State of Arizona. Once again, and as I have said on my show ARIZONA TODAY, we have been sailing in unchartered waters, no map, no history to guide us, and if the forensic findings come forward proving a fraudulent election process and results in Maricopa County, then we move to a potential Constitutional crisis.

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