Yoo-hoo, stupid Republicans

Why the Republican Party does virtually nothing to aggressively counter the relentless charges of racism hurled its way leaves me speechless.

As the spineless GOP turns the other cheek to scurrilous charges of racism, our Republic is being dismantled piece by piece. Make no mistake. The party of race-arson politics is attempting a coup-de-grâce on our two-party constitutional democracy.

In hopes of culminating Obama’s vow to “fundamentally transform” the country he holds in deep contempt, Democrats are projecting every major issue—immigration, voter integrity, pandemic relief, infrastructure spending, education, policing, the military—through a racial lens, with Republicans cast as white supremacists frothing at the mouth for a return of Jim Crow. The GOP’s response to that absurd charge? Ho-hum.

In every election cycle, Republicans sit by in virtual silence while being beaten senseless with the race card. When Democrats point an accusatory finger and let go with smug cries of “racist,” the GOP leadership mimics the subservient fraternity pledge in National Lampoon’s Animal House by dropping their drawers, bending over and saying, Thank you sir, may I have another?

Maybe it hasn’t dawned on the GOP that the party wielding the race card uses it to distract the black electorate from the unmitigated havoc that party has foisted on the quality of life in urban America. That decades-long trail of carnage is so self-serving, so inhumane that it begs to be exposed in the most public way possible.

Where Black Lives Don’t Matter

For most of America’s otherwise storied history, two evil institutions—slavery and segregation—saw to it that black lives didn’t matter. In 1964, hope among Americans of African descent soared when the federal government launched a war on poverty.

Then, in a bitter twist of fate for a people subjected to economic oppression since their country’s founding, that hope would be crushed when the party of government dependency turned the war on poverty into what has become a third evil institution in this country: the New Plantation, aka America’s inner cities. As was true on plantations of the Old South, the New Plantationis a place where black lives don’t matter.

Over the last half-century, trillions of dollars have been spent to help lift the inner city poor, with a mother lode of anti-poverty funding having gone to blue state governors and blue city mayors. So what have these lavishly compensated Democrats done to improve living conditions in urban communities? A short drive through any inner city area in America reveals the SHOCKING answer: not a damn thing.

According to Bob Woodson, a former executive of the National Urban League, 70% of the $22 trillion in anti-poverty funding never reached the disadvantaged people it was intended to help. Instead, the lion’s share was siphoned off by hyper-partisan Democrats who perpetuated inexcusably wasteful bureaucracies that devoured massive sums of anti-poverty funding in ways that did virtually nothing to improve the plight of the inner city poor.

Democrats say their motives are pure. That may have been true—half a century ago. They say then need more time, more money. Another half-century? Another $22 trillion? They deserve no more time and no more money, because they have become jackals who get fat by feeding on the carcass of impoverished black people whose lives they have ruined.

Despite decades of stratospheric social spending, the squalid living conditions in urban America have only gotten worse. By nearly every metric, the Democrat administration of anti-poverty funding has been catastrophic for urban Americans, with the disintegration of the black family as Exhibit A.

When the war on poverty was enacted, the out-of-wedlock birthrate among African Americans was 25%. A half-century later, that rate had skyrocketed to 77%, incontrovertible evidence that the war on poverty backfired in an unimaginably tragic way that would leave generations of young black women addicted to the demeaning lifestyle of government dependency, and generations of young black men saddled with functional illiteracy and arrested psychological development.

As millions of out-of-wedlock babies were born in ghetto neighborhoods, America continued massive spending on new and existing social programs to help lift the black underclass. Nearly all of those programs were overseen by Democrats, with horrendous consequences, especially for young black males.

Having been robbed of a realistic chance for a successful future by the chronically substandard public schools in Democrat-run cities, generations of young black men unable to read or write defaulted to a life of crime, with many destined to end up dead or in prison before turning 20. While urban kids who want to learn have no choice but to attend the wretched schools in the inner city, America’s most prominent Democrats send their own children to top-rated private academies.

For six decades, residents of the New Plantation have been economically consigned to communities ravaged by urban decay, rampant crime, rat-infested government housing, sorry schools, generational poverty and chronic hopelessness, with each election bringing a new round of empty promises from the party that that uses welfare addiction and the race card to win elections. While the black underclass faces a daily struggle just to survive, the Democrats they helped elect live in new homes, drive new cars and dine at exclusive restaurants.

Yoo-Hoo, Stupid Republicans. So What Are You Going To Do?

In 2013, I notified RNC chairman Reince Priebus that I was through sending money to the GOP until it develops a backbone in response to being slandered as a party of racists. I’ve since contributed to campaigns of many Republican candidates, but have not given a dime to the RNC, which still responds with a yawn to scurrilous charges of racism. If America is to be saved, the Republican spine must stiffen!

The decades-long devastation Democrats have foisted on urban Americans is so thorough, so horrific that it’s tantamount a premeditated crime against the most vulnerable people in our society. It’s time for Republicans to stop acting like a pack of trembling Chihuahuas on the issue of race. It’s time to go on the offense by ramming the race card where it belongs—down the throat of the overseers of the New Plantation. The ramming needs to start NOW and continue unabated until Democrats have paid a steep price at the ballot box for the incalculable harm they have inflicted on a disadvantaged segment of society for which they pretend to care so deeply. Break the Democrat lock on the black vote and you break the back of the Democratic Party.

Now is the time for a full-throttle ad campaign that lets voters in battleground states see with their own eyes how Democrats have heaped misery and despair on generations of decent people in the inner city. I will generously contribute to such an effort, and believe millions of other conservatives fed-up with being slandered as knuckle-dragging racists would do likewise.

There will never be a better time to launch a balls to the wall campaign of 30-sec. ads patterned after a nuclear-tipped YouTube produced by Rebel Pundit in 2014,when Obama was in office. The video shows four black ex-cons in Chicago describe in vivid terms how Democrats have destroyed the quality of life in urban America. An ad campaign called “Voices of the Betrayed” featuring real life victims of progressivism’s cynical cruelty could save America by turning the political tide against the party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Obama.

If not this idea, stupid Republicans, what? If not now, when? Next year will be too late. By then, our Republic will have been brought to its knees.

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