Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Weakens Over Time!

So, in light of the recent data supplied by Israel, the country the New Democrat Socialist Party loves to demonize, Pfizer has just come out in agreement. Now, this is not out of honesty or ethics but because they are trying to get the CDC and FDA to agree to everyone who has had their vaccine to get the third booster shot within 6 months! It’s getting shorter! Next they will recommend an annual or biannual shot to boost immunity against a Chinese made viral weapon and guess what? Yep!! Huge profits!! Great for their bottom line! ( Follow the money!! )

They are suggesting that their vaccine loses its potency over time and hence say their booster shots will make it more effective. Despite the fact that many who have taken this experimental vaccine have caught Covid again, passed it on and been hospitalized and in many cases died!!

Now, the FDA and the WHO agree after a study that the booster need not be given to the general population. The link to that study is below.

FDA Officials, Other Scientists Say Most People Don’t Need Vaccine Boosters

Pfizer is saying to the CDC and therefore to the complicit Biden administration that those breakout cases of Covid, i.e. those who were vaccinated and now got Covid, are those ‘guinea pigs’ ( my words ) that received the vaccination early in the campaign.

Therefore, Pfizer says without any monetary motivation ( NOT ) that all people need to be vaccinated plus get the third shot earlier than the previously suggested 8 months. Now it’s 6 months. Next 4????

Pfizer has a meeting this week, Friday actually, where they will make the case that apparently the vaccine protection against the China virus ( again my words ) dropped from 88% in the first month of getting shot #2 to a low 47% after 5 months!! Great vaccine huh? ( let’s not mention real science effects of natural immunity here guys! )

The company will be meeting with the FDA who have already said that booster shot is unnecessary so I will wait with baited breath to see if Pfizer, not known for it’s ethical business practices, manages to change their hearts. If so I suggest a full financial audit of every single person who attended that meeting from the federal government and see if they suddenly got richer or maybe took their family on a luxurious vacation!! How about a lie detector test for each with a direct question like “were you influenced in your decision by monetary or other actions by Pfizer?” If they were it should be jail time after firing and taking their federal pensions!!

Two honorable senior FDA officials have already resigned due to the administration not listening to the real science but preferring to listen to the CDC puppets who have forgotten their real duties, that of being health authorities and doctors, and are towing the socialist party line – to heck with that silly old Hippocratic Oath! Money, power, position etc. are so much more useful to these traitors and criminals.

The WHO and a report in the lancet has stated clearly that the third shot is not needed and the vaccine is better used in poorer nations than here on pretty much useless third shots. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated:

“I will not stay silent when companies and countries that control the global supply of vaccines think the world’s poor should be satisfied with leftovers, because manufacturers have prioritized or been legally obliged to fulfill bilateral deals with rich countries willing to pay top dollar, low-income countries have been deprived of the tools to protect their people.”

Let’s watch what happens Friday. It should be interesting.

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