Biden Restricts Life-Saving Coronavirus Meds In Feud With GOP Governors [+Video]

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Could you please explain to me what you are doing about Biden’s federal Department of Health restricting doses of life saving monoclonal antibody treatments to FL which also prevent hospitalizations ?

Outrage Builds as Biden Denies Life-Saving Coronavirus Meds in Feud with GOP Governors


President Joe Biden continues facing criticism for restricting shipments of monoclonal antibody treatments for the coronavirus to Southern states.

The treatment for the Chinese coronavirus is in high demand in Southern states where some residents are still not vaccinated, as well as for those who are vaccinated but still contracted the virus.

But the Department of Health and Human services has restricted shipments of the treatment to Florida and other southern states.

In Florida, HHS provided less than 31,000 doses this week — half of the 70,000 doses requested by the state.

That prompted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to publicly condemn the Biden administration.

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  1. Capt phil
    Capt phil says:

    Typical DEMONcRAT/tyrant. Playing politics with citizens lives and getting them dead. Biden/ DEMONcRATS do not care about average Americans…..

    • Royal A Brown
      Royal A Brown says:

      AMEN – they only care about un-Americans e.g. Democrats, illegal aliens, socialists, communists, BLM, antifa, LGBTQMs, feminazis, islamists and those of these ilks who want to see this country become another socialist/communist/islamic state and do away with our Constitutional Republic !.


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