COVID Vaccines: The Dog Is Chasing Its Tail.

Today’s blog comes from a friend Chris Wright and I found it interesting, as well as relevant and I wanted to share it with you – my readers! It is well written and you may see more of his writing as the time goes on. There are many links that are worth your time hitting as you read. As always please share from here and share far and wide!! In liberty. Fred B!

The Story of Ivermectin:

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I have questioned the integrity of public health officials concerning their pronouncements on COVID many times in previous commentaries.  I have asserted the whole subject has become completely politicized and we’re not getting the straight story.  I’ve given you story after story about how the number of COVID cases is being overstated.  I’ve questioned why authorities continue to push masks when masks have not been shown to be of much use.  I’ve talked about the now over 14,000 deaths in the U.S. from adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.  With respect to the latter, I’ve been accused of misusing the data and spreading misinformation, but I wrote a rebuttal to my accusers [Daily Skirmish – 9/1/21] and nobody on a health policy listserv or my other accusers answered.  As of this moment, my rebuttal stands unrebutted.

And so it is I have concluded we’re not getting the straight story about the vaccines, either.  In the first place, there are recent reports immunity from vaccines can wear off after six months.  When they said ‘get vaccinated and you can go back to a normal life’, they didn’t say, ‘and, oh by the way, it’s just for six months,’ did they?  Secondly, a published medical doctor is sounding the alarm about “vaccine chasing”, the idea that mass vaccination causes new variants to emerge, just like the overuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic-resistant strains to emerge.

Dr. Richard Fleming writes there is “no statistically significant difference in the number of people who died who were un-vaccinated compared with those who received the vaccines.”  Then, in discussing breakthrough cases after vaccination, “there was no statistical difference in the number of people who were diagnosed with COVID independent of whether they were vaccinated or not.”  This is true for Pfizer and Moderna.  Johnson & Johnson did a little better, but the comparatively good results shown at 14 days disappeared by 28 days after vaccination.

For all that trouble, in 33 countries – notably Israel and the U.K. – Delta and other new variants emerged after mass vaccination.  As a result, the overall number of cases did not decrease in any of those countries despite mass vaccination  So, mass vaccination is basically a failure.  Not only that, Fleming writes, there are concerns the vaccines are causing vascular disease and neurological symptoms.  Then comes the kicker:   “There is of course also the mounting number of deaths associated with the use of these Drug Vaccine Biologics,” Fleming writes, referring to the same government data for which my detractors came after me.

Fleming sums it up this way:  “As we continue the Mass Vaccination program of using these Drug Vaccine Biologics, that according to the EUA data itself fail to show a statistical reduction in COVID-19 cases or death, with an increasing number of adverse events including death; we are simultaneously producing a Pressure Selection of Variants that will produce what appears to be a never ending cycle of Pressure Selection-Vaccination.”

A never-ending cycle, like a dog chasing its tail.  The more we vaccinate, the more variants we get.  The more variants we get, the more vaccines we need.  Meanwhile, the people pushing the party line on vaccines are getting rich, careers are being made, and public health authorities get to feel oh, so important.

And now you want to tie me down, stick a needle in my arm, and tell me I can’t work or travel out of state if I don’t comply?  Stop this train, I want to get off.

Dr. Fleming discussed his work further on Secure Freedom Radio on 9/16/21.

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