Parents, Get the Hell Out of My Way!

“Your children aren’t yours!”

Today’s blog may have information you already have or heard but I am sure that there is more in it that will either amaze you but should rightfully anger you all. Any American that thinks anything enclosed in this blog is acceptable is truly an enemy of the state and in my mind a domestic terrorist. Plus they are obviously more mentally challenged than our usurper village idiot President.

As always I ask you to share this blog and especially to any one you know that voted for Sniffer Joe.

There are a lot of links in the blog, all of which are worth looking at as most are evidence to the statements made and you can use that information when talking to a libtard! In addition I have added a second part to this from a lady in Texas that you may want to read!! It shows what can be achieved by sheer persistence and dogged action. Stuff we all should be doing.

Part I: Parents, Get the Hell Out of My Way!

Hi all,

The vengefulness of the authoritarian Left was on full display at the gubernatorial debate last night in Virginia. Democrat candidate and former Governor Terry McAuliffe actually said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” He elaborated, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions.” So if the school wants to shove pornographic novels and Marxist critical race theorydown kids’ throats, that’s perfectly OK with Terry McAuliffe and his authoritarian chums.

I guess that means if teachers want to fly the Antifa flag in their classrooms, have kids pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag, and recite Aztec prayers, it’s all good and parents should have nothing to say about it.  Heaven forbid, parents should make their own decisions about what’s best for their children or try to protect them from corrosive influences.  We can’t have that, if we’re going to succeed in turning kids into good little Leftist robots unable to think for themselves and totally dependent on government.  If you object to this, the authoritarian Left will sic the teachers unions on you, do research on you, and put you on an enemies list.  If you get candidates elected to your local PTA that oppose the craziness, the authoritarian Left will get the state PTA to swoop in and disband you.

McAuliffe’s comment puts it all out on the table, doesn’t it?  To the authoritarian Left, your children are state property and you have no parental rights.  And don’t try to argue parents fund the public schools through their tax dollars and should have some say in how those dollars are spent.  To the authoritarian Left, not only are your children not your children, your money is not your money.  Your money belongs to the authoritarian Left.  If you like this line of thinking, I hope you’re ready for what’s coming next – regular visits from government child welfare agents who will rummage through your house and your life and determine whether you are doing a good enough job raising your children to be allowed to keep them.   Sound far-fetched?  It’s already underway in Scotland where the authoritarian Left is in control.

Let’s see how else the authoritarian Left is torturing people lately, in their quest for absolute power.  The Biden administration issued a mandate forcing doctors to perform transgender surgery against their conscience.  Another Biden rule forces doctors to perform abortions against their will.  A med student in Kentucky got kicked out of his school for opposing abortion.  The authoritarian Left wants to deny insurance coverage to people who won’t get the COVID vaccine.  Colorado is forcing a website designer to create websites carrying messages about marriage that violate her religious beliefs.  This is called compelled speech and it’s unconstitutional.  City officials in California conspired with left-wing agitators to deny venues to members of Congress who wanted to hold rallies, showing another way the authoritarian Left has become the enemy of free speech.  Here’s a third way: a New York Times reporter said Trump supporters should be labeled“ enemies of the state” and handled as “national security threats”.  A U.S. soldier talked about shooting American citizens if they disobey orders under martial law.

These people are sick and getting sicker.  Psychologists are finally waking up to the pathology of the authoritarian Left.  A recent study found that authoritarians on the Left are no different than authoritarians of other stripes when it comes to their “preference for social uniformity, prejudice towards different others, willingness to wield group authority to coerce behavior, cognitive rigidity, aggression and punitiveness towards perceived enemies, outsized concern for hierarchy, and moral absolutism.”

So here’s my question for all you every day Democrats out there:  Why would you support these crazies?  Why would you support a tiny group of people who are trying to take over absolutely everything and tell everybody what to do?  Why would you do anything that grows the authoritarian Left’s megalomaniacal desires for power when you know they will come for you first?   If you grow the government, you shrink the citizen and you mushy middle Democrats will not be spared.  The authoritarian Left wants your votes, your money, and your support to shrink the citizen until there’s nothing left but total robotic obedience to the whims of a tiny elite.  Think about that the next time you pull out your checkbook to support a Terry McAuliffe who wants a chokehold on your kids, and other authoritarian Progressives in the Democrat Party who are just like him.

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Part II:

Here is a related story from Austin Texas: It takes a combination of parental pressure and pressure from Conservative state representatives to deal with the Leftist agenda in controlling school curricula. Silent No More because Silence is Appeasement.

Received the following info today from a friend and sharing it with our List. – Mike Ramirez

“Because of Senator Campbell and Sen. Hughes’ efforts, the Austin ISD has cancelled its egregious and disgusting sex education for the 2nd year in a row. It was cancelled previously because of COVID and online learning. The district obviously didn’t want parents to witness the actual lessons and discussions their children would have been subjected to.

A6.PW_Human Sexuality and Responsibility K-8 Curriculum Update.docx – Google Docs

Sex ed is now parental opt-in (instead of opt-out). Parents are to be informed, and there is more transparency required. Many of us have worked for this for years.

I know a lot of happy parents in Austin.

Signed – Anne N. (San Antonio, TX)

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