Climate Facts In One Minute

The Left is notorious for burying information beneath thousands of pages to hide the truth behind climate change. The recent 4,000-page AR6 Climate report from the UN’s IPCC is a case in point.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the straight facts without having to sort through countless hours or pages of alarmist spin?

Well, look no further. CFACT’s new YouTube series the “Morano Minute” lays out climate facts and analysis while it pokes fun at the hypocrisy and lies of the Green Left – all in just one minute!

Hosted by CFACT’s own Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, the series is already making waves.

Recent segments cover how Virginians are fighting against a new climate law destined to make Virginia more like California’s failed energy grid. Other videos eviscerate the media’s attempt to blame the disastrous fall of Afghanistan on climate change, poke fun at environmentalists’ “climate religion,” and lay bare the hypocrisy of climate alarmists using the armadillo as a mascot for both warming today and cooling back in the 1970’s.

Are you itching for truth in a world where there’s nothing but political spin?

Watch the Morano Minute, share with a friend, and let’s debunk the lies of the Green Left together!

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EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column and video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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