Predictive Analysis and The Theory of Consequence!

In very few instances have I promoted a project, product, book or merchandise. I have never earned a cent from this blog and consider it a work of love and importance. Many of you fine readers will remember when I helped promote a great chocolate company in Knoxville, Tennessee that was run by a true conservative patriot and friend. It had been severely damaged by the insidious, draconian and irrational China Virus rules and mandates which irrationally closed him down. The company is “ZenEvo” and they make an amazing, tasty, high quality and healthy chocolate product. I consider myself an aficionado of this major food group (chocolate) and his is some of the best I have ever eaten! Links to contact and to buy his chocolate is at the bottom of this blog!

Anyway, a friend of mine in the United Kingdom, a 30+ year veteran firefighter from Surrey in the beautiful south of England, has written a great book, the first of three in the series of fighting Covid. It is titled Predictive analysis and the theory of consequence!

The authors name is ‘Andy Allwood.’ He is a true Brit, loves the Royal Family and also counts Nelson Mandela as a hero! ( By the way, that is the only bone of contention I have with his views as I think Mandela was a cold stone Commie Terrorist while his wife, Minnie, was twice as bad.) Anyway….like people used to be here, Andy and I can differ in our opinions without one of us getting, as the Brits say, “our knickers in a knot!” Neither of us are thin skinned or delicate let alone have sensitive feelings!! OK. That was a statement of understatement!

Anyway. One good thing here is that Andy has a deep love and understanding of America and he loved President Trump. That makes the whole ‘Mandela’ thing almost better!

This book is not too thick. It is written with really great British humor and verbiage many Americans love but sometimes miss the subtle nuances involved. However, Andy has written a book that is about as subtle as a sledgehammer swing full force to the forehead! It is probably best read in a few sessions as opposed to all in one go! Great to take on flights and business trips etc.!

The next two books in the series will be published soon and the next one will be titled “Attackers Defenders & Cannon Fodder.”

Many different subjects are covered in this first book. Some in depth and some fleetingly to be further written about in the next two books in the trilogy. Some examples of subjects covered are Covid, Banking, British politicians from the Conservatives and leftist Labor Party, the Royal Family, Princess Diana, President Trump, the Nanny State, the Bank of England and the evilness of politicians of all ilks! All seen through this mans at times ‘crazy’ eyes and language!! By the way there is some bad language scattered liberally throughout but somehow it just fits as that is how so many Brits and Americans speak today.

Andy’s book can be purchased through Amazon – surprise surprise – and shipped from England via Books etc. Ltd of Aldershot. Just put the title in the search bar:- Predictive analysis and the theory of consequence! Mine arrived pretty fast and in great condition. I see on Amazon there is a kindle version. I do not have one of those as I love paper books. I love the feel of them. The smell of them. I have heaving book shelves of them! Electronic books just bore me!!

So, in closing fo yourselves a favor and get yourself a copy. $13.44 is the price so even that is reasonable. You can also go directly to :- and his publishers details are there along with this fine blog!! They have the book in stock so the lead time is quicker. Now remember – this is a quirky book, probably like none other you have read but I have to say I enjoyed it. You may too!

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