Putin’s Counterintelligence Operations in America

We are at war! Afghanistan, invasion at our Southern border by people from 120 countries, and an attempt to bankrupt our republic are parts of this long war against Western civilization and American capitalism. This war is being waged by Socialist/Communist forces against Western civilization and American capitalism. The Democrats lie, deceive and mislead us into implementing Socialism and crashing the political system designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. Their ideology and modus operandi are lies, deceit, distortion and fraud. They have never changed.

Don’t be surprised by the title of this column: there is ample evidence of Putin’s KGB (Mafia/Army) operations against our country starting with school shootings and the infiltration of churches, and the latest one’s are the 2020 election, invasion on the Southern border from 120 countries and the surrender in Afghanistan. The FBI and our Intelligence community are missing it, hence, the vast majority of Americans are not aware of the threat. Using this unawareness Putin is playing the role of a conduit between the Taliban and Biden–a tactical maneuver, an old ploy to supervise both in the 21st century. He did it for many years as a KGB operative.

 Vladimir Putin—a Counterintelligence Operative

Putin served as a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel, before resigning in 1991. Since 1975 he operated as a KGB spy–counterintelligence agent, in Europe and as he said: “a KGB agent is always a KGB agent.” A devoted disciple of the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1982, Putin continues those operations in America and globally for the last 20-25 years. I know that as a former Soviet attorney. According To The FBI, Your Odds Are 30 Times Higher Than In 2019… Yet, the FBI is unable to see the roots and real source of instability in America and the world… or maybe doesn’t want to see it…

The man who said “America First” instantly became Putin’s enemy #1 and the war against Donald J. Trump started the moment Trump announced his run for the U.S. presidency on escalator. Trump had become a very convenient target to destroy the American Republic–Putin’s agenda since he joined the KGB in the 1970s.

Putin started his war against Western civilization and capitalism as a KGB counter intelligent officer in Germany. He has 25 years term as a counter intelligent officer in a foreign country. That means, the minute he came back into Moscow’s government in the 1990s, Russian Counterintelligence operations against America resumed.

I purposely gave you that short Putin resume to grasp the real events in 2021. You saw the Afghanistan chaos blame game during Hearings at Senate and House Armed Services Committees September 28-29, 2021. Biden didn’t take the advice of the Military leadership. So who does advise President Biden? I have given you my opinion in my column: A Quick Crash of Afghanistan and The Man Who Wants to Run the World, August 24, 2021. I insist on my opinion: Biden has been working with Putin since 2013-2014 to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy, he is still does…

Joe is not alone, Hunter Biden had a direct ties with the KGB dealing with the wife of Moscow’s Mayor. The government of Russia exercises executive power in the Russian Federation: only members of the KGB or informers can be elected and have power in the country. The Moscow mayor is definitely connected with the KGB. The two days of Hearings in Washington D.C. has revealed a lot. The Democrat Chairman of the House has pretty well illustrated the war between the Dems and Republicans by being involved in a constant disputes with them. He was trying to defend Biden and his endless lies. He was covering up the crime committed by the Biden’s.

You also saw our Military leadership unaware of Russia’s criminal activities in America. General McKenzie reported their military opinion: “We had alternatives to Russia and China by dealing with Central Asian Republic like Kazakhstan. “ He has revealed the military incompetence equal to treason. As a matter of fact, all those former Muslim Socialist Republics are being run by Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army and all those former Republics have Russia’s military installations on their lands. To deal with Kazakhstan or Tajikistan means to deal with Russia.

Moreover, we saw that our Military leadership had no guts to reject and stand up to Biden’s lies and his surrender to the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS in Afghanistan. Under such a predicament in America, when the Military leadership doesn’t defend and protect the political system designed by our Founding Fathers, We the People had been left behind naked, mute, and deaf before Putin’s Counterintelligence operations.

Pay attention to the military decision to see Afghanistan and the Taliban as equal and deal with them diplomatically, despite the fact that the latter didn’t complain with seven basic prerequisites of the agreement. And this is not the end of the American problems. In my opinion, every executive order signed by President Biden has been written by Vladimir Putin through Biden’s advisers—his staff. My recently published book will prove it.

General Milley a Dark Horse of a Global Spy Ring

I was warning and reporting about an anti-Trump Criminal Cabal in America for many years. Yet, without the staff it was hard to present an eloquent story of the enemy within. I was warning you that the Democrats conspired with the Russian/Chinese Intelligence to build a Soviet Style corrupt-bureaucratic America. I was warning about Three American Manchurian Presidents, Deep State, and other Democratic politicians. General Milley aided me to grasp America’s structural ties to Global Spy Ring, testifying during Hearings at Senate and House Armed Services Committees September 28-29, 2021.

I was writing and warning you about an anti-Trump Criminal Cabal in America for many years. But I couldn’t show the operational concept implemented by the Dems to fight the Republicans. General Milley showed the world how anti-Trump Criminal Cabal is a part of a Global Spy Ring run by Vladimir Putin. Milley’s call to the Chinese General and the core of the conversation was quite suspect to me. General Milley was undermining Constitutional civilian control of the military by the US President. Two days of the Hearings had revealed more suspicious activities of General Milley.

He was acting like a typical political apparatchik. Though he is a military man, you have no doubts of his political affiliation. He admits it saying “We won the election.” He is discussing Trump’s mental capacity with the Speaker Nancy Pelosi and totally agreed with her that “Trump is crazy.”  There is a real political affiliation between the two to prevent Trump from using nuclear arsenal—a continuation of the Dems coup against Trump.

Yet, there is more. General Milley talks with both our ideological enemies: China and Russia. He admits discussing the use of Russian military installations in the Central-Asian former Soviet Republics! Here you have a double connection with Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army by the Dems leadership and the Military representative. In the Soviet Union my Father often called the corrupt Soviets government—Socialist Junta.  I have never thought discussing the term Junta, in this American crises. Yet, in case you are interested, here it is: Dictionary Junta meaningA group of political intriguers; esp., such a group, of military men in power after a coup d’état… they want to rule the country.

I have a very bad feeling towards General Milley: if you know who is behind the Critical Race Theory, you will join me.  As a typical political apparatchik, he joined the KGB’s recent narrative to divide us. The KGB started with White Oppressors, then White Privileges in the 1960s, and the Critical Race Theory in the 21st century. General Milley now is promoting it. To enhance his personality he was giving interviews right and left to predominantly anti-Trump’s media. Rash Limbaugh was right saying: “Socialism corrupts everything it touches.” General Milley demonstrated it.  Yet, he was not the leader of the Junta.

 Socialist Junta

To conceive the concept of Socialist Junta you have to be well versed in history of politics and its leaders. Though it was established decades ago, you could’ve heard lately about Libya’s Counterintelligence operation by the Putin/Obama conspiracy. The development of a Socialist Junta in America has never stopped. If Russia has initiated it, today we have a tandem of leaders–Russian/Chinese Counterintelligence forces. When you hear the endless lies, deceit, and fakery accompanied with intimidation and threat from your government—you are governed by Socialist Junta.

I gave you an old meaning of Junta. The 21st   century has changed the role of the woman, allowing and promoting their leadership. Nancy Pelosi is an example of it. I called her “a Queen of Lies.” Presenting herself as a devoted Catholic, she has stolen our beloved Christmas Season in 2019 by hurrying to impeach Trump in the heart of Christmas, December 2019. Then, I didn’t know why she was in a hurry. It became clear to me in January 2020 when the Pandemic started… She had known it in December 2019. She is the leader of a Democrat Party that has become a Socialist Junta and is now fighting against the American Constitutional republic in concert with Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army.

I know Socialism and recognize it instantly, when I see it and I see Socialism exercised by Biden’s administration—they are weaponizing everything to protect themselves. When the FBI intimidate and threaten  the parents accusing them of terrorism, I recognized Putin’s handwriting to build the American KGB’s Mafia/Army, a-la Stalin’s political agenda in 1937, when my Mother was imprisoned… Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002. A criminal circle of Stalinism is destroying America hundred years later. I am devastated by the speed of Putin’s success in our country.

My recent book Socialist Revolution in America tells you a full story of the Democrat Party’s conversion to Socialism by the KGB’s Mafia/Army.  It is the history of ideology that brought the world to this contemporary crisis in many different aspects of our lives. You will learn terms you have never heard before, like Stalinism, Soviet Fascism, WWIII, the KGB’s Mafia/Army, and Socialist Charlatans… You will learn about Bernie Sanders, George Soros, and Terry Mc Auliffe, who are conducting and promoting Social Engineering in America. Socialist Revolution in America, Xlibris, 2021.

Ahead of us is an election in 2022. The recent election campaign is a misleading enterprise by the Democrat Party to deceive and defraud you. It is not only the Democrats’ Grab for Power, but a Socialist Revolution from within the Democrat Party. As Putin plays a global game, there is a new warning. Watch Biden’s Ambassador Appointees and the countries they are heading to. Putin will use those American Embassies for his global game like he uses Biden now. Without the knowledge of our enemy, we are not able to survive and can lose our American Constitutional Republic. Everyone pursuing the Truth should read Socialist Revolution in America.

To be continued simonapipko@gmail.com or at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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