The current tendency of governments to mandate vaccines at the expense of basic freedom of choice while batting aside serious objections of conscience is crossing the threshold of dictatorial insanity.

Government authorities are penalizing innocent people because of their refusal to take an abortion-tainted, experimental vaccine. There are threats of fines and of being fired with the consequent loss of livelihood. Vaccine passports are also becoming increasingly required in order to travel, attend places of amusement and even to attend church services.

Some people in positions of authority condescendingly remark that anyone is free not to be vaccinated but will have to find another job. Really, after the same governments have closed down the economy? This vaccine is to be the only treatment, they claim, and nothing else is allowed. What other options are there for families?

The number of deaths associated with the vaccine is large, and attempts to cover up statistics are there for all to see. But there is a more important death to notice that has been inflicted on the people: the death of conscience.

Care for human bodies and for the material world are both important, but the Church has never placed the care of bodies over the salvation of souls.

All of us, vaccinated or not, will still die. No one disputes that. And at death, we will be judged on our fidelity to God and to our God-given conscience. We’ll be judged according to God’s law, not according to the laws passed by Congress or a state’s governing assembly. And when man-made laws trample on God-given ones, citizens must stand up and conscientiously oppose them. The right of choice must be respected in an authentic republic such as the United States of America.

Soon there may be a governor who’ll impose segregation on the people, separating those who take the jab from those who don’t. Even radical forms of imposition can now be expected.

The scandal of scandals is when a bishop or the pope opens the local church or the Vatican only for the vaccinated. Since when did Jesus ever do that or allow that to be done? When did He ever chase the sick away?

‘Moral Obligation’ Criteria

Some bishops even say there is a moral responsibility to take the vaccine, but this is absolute nonsense! Before taking the vaccine could ever become a moral obligation, several conditions must first be met:

  1. The vaccine must present no ethical objections in its development
  2. It must be shown to effectively do its job
  3. It must safe without causing serious or life-threatening side effects
  4. It must be the only option of protecting ourselves and others
  5. It must be proven that a real danger comes from not being vaccinated

None of these conditions concerning the so-called COVID vaccines have been met with certainty. Not even one. The most common objection of conscience against the novel gene therapy is that its development involved the use of stem cells from the organs of aborted babies. Moreover, in order to obtain these organs intact, abortionists had to dismember the little bodies while the babies were still alive.

We’re not talking about human remains being salvaged after someone died in a car accident or from natural death. This form of harvesting entailed deliberately killing the most defenseless of human beings. It involved stealing the organs from babies while they were still alive so they could be used for research in making gene therapy drugs. This double crime of theft and murder constitutes a heinous criminal act of utmost perversity.

This crime was perpetrated with the blessing from governments of so-called “civilized countries,” and even — horresco referens (I shudder to say) — with the blessing from some of Christ’s apostolic successors.

All of the COVID vaccines currently available were developed with the use and abuse of innocent babies. It’s astounding that anyone, especially Catholics, should see these jabs as a “blessing” from God.

For conscience to be well-formed it must be properly informed. But the lackadaisical attitude of irresponsible church authorities in forming consciences for the past 50 years has led many Catholics, even pro-life ones, to take abortion, and thus abortion-tainted jabs, rather lightly. The five moral qualifiers mentioned above, therefore, are all but completely ignored.

Exercise Your Moral Duty

If you sincerely believe there are medical alternatives to combating the virus without resorting to abortion-tainted shots, then you have a moral duty in conscience to use the ethical alternatives and to refuse the unethical ones. If you are convinced the abortion-plagued shots violate your conscience, then be faithful to your conscience: Do not take the jab!

Doctors and fathers of families have the moral duty to seek moral alternatives to the unethical jab and to pressure politicians to provide ethically developed vaccines while putting up legal opposition to the development of abortion-tainted ones.

It is necessary that we who oppose abortion-tainted vaccines have solid moral and civil grounds on which to stand. We need to be strong as pressure mounts against the moral choices of our consciences. We may be locked out of public places and even denied entrance into our own churches by officials, who refuse to obey God and their conscience in order to obey men.

So be it!

Christ told his disciples, “If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” He further warned: “Anyone who wants to save his life, will lose it. And anyone who loses his life for my sake and the sake of the Gospel will find it.” (Matthew 16:24–25).

Like St. Thomas More, we will never accept the false, amoral principle that the end justifies the means. Neither will we be securely led by blind guides. We can see and discern. We must resist!


Raymond de Souza, KHS, KM, KofC

Raymond de Souza is a knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, a knight of the Sovereign and Military Order of Malta, and a fourth-degree Knight of Columbus. He has given in person, on radio and on television over 2,500 talks on apologetics and pro-life issues. He has also assisted religious education programs in dioceses, parishes, schools and lay organizations in 38 countries of the six continents in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). He writes weekly articles for the oldest national Catholic paper, The Wanderer. He is the delegate for International Missions for Human Life International, the largest Catholic pro-life and pro-family association in the world, having affiliates in over 100 countries.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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