VIDEO: Former CIA Agent Clare Lopez on ‘Will the American People Knowingly Adopt Socialism?’

We know instinctively the American People will never knowingly adopt socialism. But given the many seductive facets of liberal thought and policy, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist Agenda until one day America will be a socialist nation not knowing how it got there. A simple example of such socialist thought is happening right now. Radicals can disrupt neighborhoods, burn businesses, steal merchandise from businesses, burn police stations and the FBI does nothing. But if conservative parents raise their voices at school board meetings in defense of their own children, they are hunted down as terrorists!

Clare Lopez is a nationally known national security specialists. Having served as an actual CIA case officer, Clare has a known and respected history advising national leaders on matters directly threatening our national security and well-being. The conversation you are about to observe is the beginning of several which will further pull the curtain back and reveal how America is under direct assault from within, as well as from avowed Marxist countries committed to collapsing the United States into the global world government, and having American national sovereignty no longer exist. The conversation is the opening to several that will truly prove informative and sobering.

WATCH: My interview with former CIA Agent Clare Lopez.

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