11 Important Questions To Ask About Covid, the Vaccines and Natural Immunity

There is an infographic that is on social media attributed to Gregory Allen Elliot. Elliot asks 9 questions about Covid. Here are the questions:

  1. If the masks work why the 6 feet?
  2. If the 6 feet works why the masks?
  3. If they both work why the lockdowns?
  4. If all three work why the rushed vaccines?
  5. If vaccines are safe why the “no liability” clause?
  6. If more people die from the vaccines than the virus, why the vaccines?
  7. If we took two vaccines to keep others safe why are we now “super spreaders”?
  8. Why do the vaccinated have to wear masks again?
  9. If fully vaccinated people can get and transmit Covid, why give them the vaccine passports and privileges?

I would add the following to this list:

10. If the vaccines work why the government mandates?
11. If natural immunity works better than the vaccines, why the government mandates?

We are learning more each day as new studies come out about the Covid-19 virus, the positive and negative impacts of the Covid vaccinations and the full effect of natural immunity vs. taking the vaccine.

Asking questions is important. Getting the answers to these questions is more important.

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  1. Victoria Pence
    Victoria Pence says:

    If COVID molicules are .01mm and masks keep out .03 how does this keep out the virus?
    If you wear a cloth mask all day, then stuff it in your pocket or purse and put it on again the next day, when do you need to wash it?
    How long can you wear a paper mask before you need to throw it away?


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