Republican Lawmakers Demolish Democrats’ ‘Big Lie’ That Arizona Audit Proved Biden Won the Election

Never in the history of our exceptional nation has a formal forensic audit been accomplished to address serious challenges associated with election results. The challenges arose from citizens initially, not elected officials, and clearly NOT conservative elected officials looking to overturn an election. The challenges arose from citizens who came forward with a plethora of preliminary evidence showing fraud and illegalities allegedly occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona at the last national election. The preliminary evidence was so substantial that a joint public legislative hearing was held in Phoenix on November 30th, 2020. That 12-hour day produced additional Prima Facia evidence showing very serious crimes most likely had taken place to alter the outcome, thereby, declaring Biden winner over President Trump. From the evidence submitted to the Arizona Senate, sufficient legal and constitutional basis existed to seek a formal forensic evaluation of all materials, machines, and ballots for formal review and full investigation. After months of careful examination, in spite of massive interference by Maricopa County public officials, lies, deceptions, cover-ups, destruction of evidence, refusal to surrender subpoenaed items, a formal report of findings was submitted to the Arizona State Senate. Within said report was more than sufficient evidence of a forensic finding, to ask the Arizona Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation. Given $12 million by the State of Arizona along with a formal team of law enforcement professionals, the Arizona Attorney General so launched a formal criminal investigation. This was the proper procedure, and we all are now waiting to learn the Arizona Attorney General findings and actions.

Mentioned below is an article that will most likely not see much day light. Facts and evidence are troubling to those in the Socialist Democrat institution, along with political elites and establishment whores who consistently wanted President Trump removed from office. Add to this list those who reside in their own “bubble” and do not want to create controversy. The fight continues to reveal the attack our sacred institution of free elections suffered a year ago. The very foundation of our country was attacked formally and sophisticatedly but there are those who still wish to pretend there is nothing to see…simply move along. The below article will cause a little angst among those I already mentioned in this paragraph.

Republican Lawmakers Demolish Democrats’ ‘Big Lie’ That Arizona Audit Proved Biden Won the Election

Ever since the final report of the Arizona audit was released last month, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media have pushed a false narrative alleging that the results of the Maricopa County recount proved that Joe Biden won because he received more votes than former President Donald Trump.

During a House Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing examining the Arizona’s election audit on Thursday, Republicans on the committee decisively shot down that persistent lie.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) demolished the false narrative during an exchange with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.).

Raskin demanded to know if Biggs accepted the results of the audit, claiming that “it showed that Joe Biden won, and indeed with more votes than—”

“That is not what the audit concluded Mr. Raskin, you know better than that,” Biggs interjected. “Have you read the whole audit, or [did you just] cherry-pick the line which talks about the recount versus the tabulation machine? That, we would have expected to be very similar, and it was,” he explained.

In an attempt to pigeonhole Biggs as 2020 election conspiracy theorist, Raskin again asked if he believed Joe Biden won the election in Arizona.

“We don’t know!” Biggs exclaimed in response. “Because as the audit demonstrates very clearly Mr. Raskin, there are a lot of issues with this election that took place.

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