The Left Hates Columbus Day! So, Happy Columbus Day to you all!

Happy Columbus Day to you all! Usurper president Biden also signed an order calling it “Indigenous People’s Day”!! I wonder if he knows what he signed? Nah – thinking not!

The hatred and lies and racism continue in an never ending stream from this evil administration. I was going to write something else of my own on the subject but found my friend Chris Wrights story from a large group of patriots I belong to and I decided to take a day off and let you read his great article. ( I know – I take several days off! ).

As always his pieces are well researched with many links for you to follow up. He debunks many of the lefts false claims about Columbus which they just throw out of nowhere and, as always, with no evidence apart from stuff they make up. Anyway. Enjoy and as always share using this blog far and wide.

Monday, October 11th, is Columbus Day, which is still an official national holiday despite the Left’s best attempts to cancel it. We will probably be treated to the usual attacks on his statues, as well as the man himself.

The problem for the Left is that there is not a lot of evidence from contemporaneous historical accounts to back up claims Columbus was a rapist and genocidal maniac. It is said he brought thousands of natives back to Europe as slaves, but his ships were so small this could not possibly have happened. He was accused of rape, but the letter accusing him has since been shown to be fraudulent, mentioning temples that did not exist.

Primary sources do indicate he reined in the Spaniards who were with him on several occasions when they wanted to rape and pillage. Crimes committed by Spaniards – some perpetrated decades after Columbus died – were attributed to Columbus falsely. Some incidents occurred when Columbus’ crew were fighting off cannibals.

Today, we think of the trashing of Christopher Columbus as coming from the Left and anti-colonialist Marxists, but it originated in the 19thCentury with anti-Catholic and anti-Italian groups like the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan, which was an armed wing of the Democrat Party, worked to stop Columbus Day celebrations and to smash his statues. This prejudice was real. I’m part Italian. My own grandfather was a victim of the Ku Klux Klan. He came home one night to find a burning cross in his yard.

The motivation of today’s Left goes deeper than ethnic prejudice. They trash Columbus in order to tear down the country entirely, erase its history, destroy its self-confidence, and ultimately replace it with a new culture more amenable to domination by a tiny Leftist elite. The foot-soldiers who tear down statues might not realize they are acting in the service of leaders who are only in it for wealth and power for themselves, but that’s exactly what the recruits are doing.

Ushering in a tiny Leftist elite to rule over us is the true purpose of the movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. The problem with that is, the people considered ‘indigenous’ were not the first people in North America. The first to arrive here were southeast Asians, according to National Geographic magazine which slants Left. So I’ll be happy to give the country back to indigenous people if they’ll agree to give it back to the southeast Asians who were here first.

The impulse to tear it all down can be traced back to a Russian revolutionary named Nechayev. His philosophy, if you can call it that, stopped with the utter destruction of everything in society. He had no idea what to do next. Today’s Left is equally irresponsible – tear it all down? Then what?

You have to reach a certain age before the importance of cultural sustainability occurs to you. If you want to tear everything down, you are playing with fire and it WILL burn your house down. While working a booth recently, I met a young woman who told me she was a socialist, but denied being a Marxist. Her starting point was anticolonialism and the view that all white people are oppressors. Her heroine was the anti-imperialist Angela Davis, whom the young woman said was not Marxist. In fact Angela Davis was a committed communist and ran for vice-president twice on the Communist Party USA ticket. I told the young woman I had read an article in a socialist magazine where the writer admitted socialists have no idea how to govern once they’re finished tearing everything down. I asked her, ‘Why would I buy a house from people who freely confess to me they have no idea how to build houses?’ She had no answer, other than to say she wasn’t talking about houses. Ye gads!

Columbus and Western Civilization, which he represents, are looking better by the day.

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