Why Has #EmptyShelvesJoe Gone Viral on Twitter?

“It’s the economy stupid!” – Bill Clinton

The Twitter tag #EmptyShelvesJoe has gone viral. Can anyone guess why?

We are now seeing the real impact of the Biden “Bring Back Better Agenda”, and it’s ain’t pretty.

The “Build Back Better” Agenda is Making Things Worse, Not Better

According to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), “The Build Back Better is 3 Baskets: ‘It’s Climate, Health, Jobs, Security, and Moral Responsibility.” Wait, isn’t that 5 baskets? LOL!

Is what Pelosi says true or just another set of big lies? Let’s take a look.

If you have any doubt about Biden and his administration you can now feel its impact on your collective wallets. Since Biden’s inauguration the American economy has gone down hill.

To understand why the U.S. economy is tanking let’s look at the Biden policies that is causing this catastrophe:

  1. Biden’s anti-fossil fuels and pro-Green agenda (a.k.a. Green New Deal). Hight gas prices are an instant tax on each and every American who drives a car or used electricity. It also increases the cost of every product and service provided in the U.S.A. This is because the increased cost of energy are passed along to every consumer by every company, from Amazon, to your local super market to every retailer and service provider in you city, county and state.
  2. Biden’s vaccine mandates are killing jobs by the thousands. The new mantra of Building Back Better is if you work for a company with 100 or more employees the mandate is: Get vaxxed or lose your job. When people lose their jobs the economy takes a major hit. Vaxx Mandates divide the nation. Watch this video of Governor Ron DeSantis to Biden on Vaxx Mandates: “YOU Are The One That’s Being Divisive About This!”
  3. Stagflation. In a NewsMax column Peter Navarro writes, “If it was just inflation affecting the United States, that would be “manageable,” but instead a “stagflation” problem like the one that hit the nation in the 1970s is occurring under President Joe Biden, former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Newsmax on Saturday. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is “printing money,” Navarro told “The Count.” “That’s driving us to what we call demand-pull inflation. But then at the same time, we have the pandemic, coupled with the effects of the Biden administration cracking down on fossil fuels, giving us what’s called cost-push inflation.” Read the full article by clicking here.
  4. More Government Regulation. Bloomberg Law in a June 11, 2021 article titled “Biden Regulatory Playbook Revives More Active Government” warned, “The list, typically issued twice per year, marks a stark departure from the Trump administration’s focus on reducing the size, cost and scope of federal regulations. With Congress narrowly divided, it offers a window into how Biden wants to leverage the federal agencies he oversees to advance his ambitious agenda through regulation. The last four years offered a clear lesson on what happens when the executive branch fails to uphold its responsibility to protect the American people,” said Sharon Block, acting administrator of the White House regulations office, in a statement. “Our first regulatory agenda demonstrates our commitment to reversing this trend.” More government regulation always leads to more costs for businesses and individuals. More costs more harm done to the U.S. economy. Regulations make American products and services uncompetitive.
  5. More taxes and spending. Biden has said that his agenda and the $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill being considered by Congress will not cost a single cent. More government spending always leads to two things: more taxes and increasing the U.S. debt ceiling. Both are happening now as I write this column. Both harm the U.S. economy and burden each American citizen and future generations.
  6. The U.S. Supply Chain is Severely Damaged, if not totally Broken. America depends of the free movement of goods and services across the country. Wither by ship, train, truck or automobile America’s life blood supply chain cannot be interrupted or there are serious economic consequences. The Business Insider’s wrote, “President Joe Biden wants to clear traffic jams at US ports and save the holiday shopping season, but experts say his current plan won’t completely solve the problem…Former US trade negotiator Harry Broadman told Insider the administration’s plan addresses the more “glamorous” aspect of the supply chain — hulking cargo ships stuck at sea — while failing to look at the issue “holistically.” Backlogs at US railroads and warehouses are also contributing to the delays. Shortages of warehouse workers, truck drivers, shipping containers, and chassis are also major issues that the White House failed to address. Read the full article here. With Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, on a 2 month long maternity leave with his homosexual partner, what could possibly go wrong with the supply chain?


As we approach the major holiday season with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas many wonder if the shelves will be bare. Will the New Year’s Eve parties be barren of food and drink? Will we have fireworks to ring in 2022? Will we have jobs? Will we become poorer? Will there be greater uncertainty?

We are beginning to see civil disobedience to the Biden agenda across the U.S. and even across the world. Bill Clinton’s statement that, “It’s the economy stupid” has yet to get thru the thick skulls of Biden, his handlers and Democrats in Congress. It seems they are hell bent on destroying the economy, a stupid idea in every way.

As we approach the 2022 mid-term elections we wonder what shape the American economy will be by then. People who work vote their wallets. However, it appears that Biden is building a larger and larger group of those who vote for a living rather than work for a living.

Doom and gloom, and it isn’t even Halloween yet.

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  1. Royal A Brown
    Royal A Brown says:

    This says it all……

    With Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, on a 2 month long maternity leave with his homosexual partner, what could possibly go wrong with the supply chain?


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