Florida’s Election Code is Full of Inconsistencies and Loopholes — Here’s 10 Fixes!

What needs to be done?

The Florida legislature needs to adopt 47 proposed changes “Closing Loopholes and Resolving Conflicts”. 

Here are the ten most important proposed changes:

  • Standardize use of the uniform statewide voter registration form across the board with a wet signature. Online: Print out, sign, and mail in form.
  • Eliminate all digital signatures as they cannot be used to effectively compare with the vote-by-mail wet signature on the ballot envelope.
  • Require identification for all voters. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Require all voters to have an “address of legal residence” which includes the appropriate Apt/Lot/Unit number.
  • Simplify and streamline the deregistration process. Voters who have been somehow improperly deregistered (a rare occurrence) can just fill out a new statewide voter registration form and re-register.
  • Require identification numbers on all vote-by-mail ballot requests. A written request to send a ballot to the voter’s primary registration address does not require identification numbers per SB90.
  • Require that voter registrations where the identification is a driver’s license have the voter’s citizenship checked using the driver’s license database.
  • Require that digital images of the ballots be kept and made available to the public. This is already the law, but most SOEs don’t follow it.
  • Strike the word “manual” from the required post election recount audits. Require the optional automatic machine recount of 20% of the precincts randomly selected in public on separate simple, tallying machines (that don’t have built-in modems with VPNs).
  • Establish an audit system for all 67 counties modeled after standard business accounting procedures – the way that Fortune 500 companies maintain internal controls.

Join the Defend Florida Community Canvassing Team

Click here.  

Canvassing is the process of validating voter roll data for the following key items:

  • The registered voter lives at address.
  • To identify ghost or phantom voters registered at an address.
  • Validate method used to vote.
  • Validate any relative information is accurate with county elections office.

The process is very simple. Simply obtain the data from your local election’s office and work with your local patriots, legislature or if possible, elections office to organize a non-intrusive method to ask voters and document the responses.

DEFEND FLORIDA Canvassing volunteers go door-to-door canvassing to identify GHOST and PHANTOM VOTERS on our voter rolls. Canvassing volunteers work in teams and receive training and app supported technology for capturing data. To date, we have collected over 2,000 AFFIDAVITS of registered voters who DO NOT EXIST or are DEAD or are registered at an address that is NOT a residential address. The goal is to gather 5,000 AFFIDAVITS by the end of October.

To get REGISTERED for TRAINING please CLICK this LINK and complete the form. 

EDITORS NOTE: This Defend Florida column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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