China’s New World Order

The world has changed. The U.S. is for now the military top dog in the world, and that’s not a good thing. ( From Fred:- You see – there is always someone looking to knock the top dog down! )

It was reported a few days ago that China is now able to launch surprise nuclear attacks anywhere in the world with hypersonic missiles launched from space. ( Another danger to what I mentioned yesterday about Biden considering disbanding our Trump placed Space Force. ) This renders any ballistic missile defense we had useless and sparks a new arms race. The U.S. and its allies must now develop directed energy weapons to counter China’s new capability and, in addition, acquire the same surprise attack capability China now has in order to maintain deterrence. It’s been pointed out it will take at least two years to do all this.

What I’m saying is not unique.  Many commentators have been all over this in the last 24 hours.  Some have blasted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for saying she welcomes China’s new ability to launch surprise nuclear attacks as just “stiff competition”.  [Gateway Pundit  and the Hugh Hewitt Show 6 a.m. hour today].  Other commentators have focused on the fact that much of the technology in China’s hypersonic missiles came from U.S. companies and pointed out the more general problem that Wall Street and Silicon Valley has been facilitating China’s military technology build-up with absolutely no regard for U.S. national security.  In short, we have been selling China the rope they will use to hang us.  [Bill Walton on Secure Freedom Radio, 10/18/21]

I’m not just concerned with nuclear fallout.  I’m concerned with geopolitical fallout, as well.  It will take some time for the new world military order to sink in but, eventually, we will see China asserting itself even more aggressively on the world stage.  We know about China’s debt diplomacy where it manipulates entire countries by loaning them money for infrastructure projects and calling the shots when the countries can’t pay back their loans.  We also know about China’s Belt-and-Road initiative, the public purpose of which is to advance China’s interests in world trade but the real purpose is to help China establish military bases around the world.  We also know China has aggressively been mounting influence operations through its Confucius Institutes, under-the-table payments to journalists, grooming of key policymakers, and other means in the U.S., Australia, and elsewhere.  These operations are designed to alter foreign policy in those countries, including our own, to make them more friendly to Chinese interests.  We also know China is aggressively trying to dominate international organizations like the United Nations.  Chinese officials now head up many UN agencies. [h/t to Alex Newman who was the first to get on to this.]  We also know China is pursuing an industrial policy designed to hollow out the manufacturing capabilities of other countries and dominate the global car industry, aviation, high speed rail, artificial intelligence, and other advanced industries.

This is not just ‘competition’, Jen Psaki and Wall Street, this is a threat, an existential threat.  There has been a debate about whether China only wants to be a regional power or is seeking world domination and to displace America as the world’s lone superpower.  I’m not the least bit confused.  China’s leaders and generals have made no secret of their desire for world domination in a series of statements going all the way back to Mao who in 1956 said, “We must control the earth.”

If you admire the Chinese authoritarian system and want to converge with it, or think Chinese domination would be a good thing for the world, think again.  We’ll start that conversation with China’s genocide of the Uighurs, its murder of targeted minorities for their organs, its imperial conquest of 56 nationalities including Tibet, and China’s one thousand forced labor camps for political prisoners.  We should be more like China?  You gotta be kidding me.

If you got up this morning thinking social justice is the most important thing in the world, think again.  If you got up thinking George Soros and his globalist buddies are the biggest threat we face, think again.  The world changed yesterday when China became able to launch surprise nuclear attacks anywhere in a defenseless world.   The Democrats don’t want the U.S. to be a superpower.  They are busy taking down the U.S. military with a bunch of woke garbage.  They are undoubtedly chortling with glee at China’s new capabilities but, if you don’t want to have to learn Mandarin, you need to rethink your priorities, fast.

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