ACTION ALERT: Demand Visa Choose People Over Profit

In case you missed it, Mastercard is taking an important step to confront—and hopefully end—the horrific abuse on sites hosting pornography.

Their new policies have officially gone into effect as of October 15, 2021.

The new policies require banks connecting sellers of “adult content” (a.k.a. pornography) to Mastercard to ensure that the companies meet the following five standards:

  1. “Clear, unambiguous and documented consent”
  2. “Documented age and identity verification for all people depicted and those uploading the content”
  3. “Content review process prior to publication”
  4. “Complaint resolution process that addresses illegal or nonconsensual content within seven business days”
  5. “Appeals process allowing for any person depicted to request their content be removed”

This is a major step in protecting victims of rape and sex trafficking, child sexual abuse material, and those who are filmed or have content uploaded non-consensually.

Will you join us and tell Visa it’s not too late to reject profits from sexual abuse and exploitation, following Mastercard’s lead?


EDITORS NOTE: This National Center on Sexual Exploitation column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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